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Beautiful game bowls Bollywood

Beautiful game bowls Bollywood

As the final countdown begins for the Big Night in Berlin,Bollywood seems to be swept away by the soccer frenzy.

New Delhi: The soccer bug has bitten the who's who of Bollywood --- SRK, John, Bips, Priety all included.

As the final countdown begins for the Big Night in Berlin, the soccer frenzy seems to have swept away the hottest Bollywood stars too.

And, surprisingly, the majority of Bollywood seems to have an unanimous choice when it comes to picking a favourite. Guess who? Well, if you have failed to guess, just read on.

Bollywood's hottie John Abraham has left all his bikes and actions behind to be in Germany for the occasion. And he is firmly and vocally rooting for France.

"I am holidaying in Germany and enjoying football World Cup. As I am a big football lover, I have watched almost all the matches -- some on television and some in the stadium," John was quoted by a newspaper as saying.

When asked who he is gong to support this time, the actor said: "I am all for France. It's one of the best team in the world. I think the kind of performance they have shown in this time, they deserve the cup. I am a great fan of Zidane. He is a fantastic player."

Back in Mumbai, most of the other Bollywood stars are also supporting France.

"I have watched almost all the World Cup matches as I am a big football enthusiast. I think France is the best team because they have played all their matches very well and will excel in the final. The team is a proper mix of experienced and young players. So I am wishing France all the best this time and hope that they will win the FIFA Cup," says Manoj Vajpayee.


Urmilla Matondkar is also cheering for France as she is a Zidane fan. "Zidane's technique is classic. I think he is among the legendry footballers. I am sure he will take France to the victory," she quips.

Actress Onjolina Nair of Holiday fame, appreciates the Brazilians.

However, she is now supporting France for some family reasons.

"In fact, my cousin has got married to a Frenchman. So I guess I have a French connection now. So, I will support France for sure. On the whole, I am a supporter of Brazil because I really appreciate the way Ronaldo and Ronaldinho play," she said.

"But unfortunately, they are out of the Cup now. Last time, I supported Italy. Had there not been any family link with France, I would have supported Italy this time too," she adds.

Preity Zinta is as passionate about World Cup football as she is about Zizou. She will be rooting for France on Sunday night at Shah Rukh Khan's house.

"France is a wonderful team. Though Zinedine Zidane is going to be retiring after this, he has been playing brilliantly. He is in amazing form and has tremendous control," she says.

Unfortunately, none of the teams that actor Shahid Kapur was supporting made it to the finals. "But I will cheer for Italy, because they seem really good," he adds.

first published:July 09, 2006, 18:03 IST