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Being alone in 'Bigg Boss' is Amar's Karma: Sid

Being alone in 'Bigg Boss' is Amar's Karma: Sid

This week, 'Bigg Boss' has nominated all the contestants for eviction.

Mumbai: With just six contestants left in the house, Bigg Boss is making all possible efforts to keep the audiences glued to the show. Thanks to their latest weekly task, housemates also got a break from the usual politics and backbiting.

For the new task, Bigg Boss has asked Juhi Parmar to head the Bigg Boss school. Other contestants are playing student and teachers. While Amar Upadhyay asked the students to make words related to Bigg Boss, Akashdeep Saigal made them write essays on Bigg Boss. Siddharth and Mahek Chahal gave a tough time to the teachers. Sunny Leone's dance class was the best. All the housemates were seen grooving to the 'Lakdi ki Kathi' song.

While all the housemates take turns to become teachers, Juhi is bored of playing headmistress all the time. She requested Bigg Boss to let her also become a student and have fun with others.

With Mahek's entry Siddharth has got a friend back and has no reason to bond with Amar any longer. Amar thinks that he is a part of their group as Sky and gang do not like him at all. Having seen Amar's behavior throughout the show, Mahek and Sid are not ready to trust Amar. On day 86 Sid said, "Amar has changed his groups so many times during the show. It is his Karma to be alone in Bigg Boss now. Let him think that he is with us."

Mahek has seen all the Bigg Boss action after her eviction. She told Amar and Sid that Sky and Pooja Bedi criticized Vida Samadzai many times for being close to men in the house.

The usual fights over the daily chores continue in Bigg Boss. With no captain in the house, the division of work has become difficult now. Sunny and Sid were lately seen fighting over cleaning the carpets.

This week, Bigg Boss has nominated all the contestants in the house. Now, public votes will decide who will qualify for the final week and contest for the Bigg Boss winner title.