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Bejoy Nambiar: You can't please everyone, but you can try harder


Last Updated: February 05, 2013, 18:36 IST

Bejoy Nambiar: You can't please everyone, but you can try harder

Director Bejoy Nambiar joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his movie 'David'.

Director Bejoy Nambiar joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his movie 'David'.

Q. Why 3 stories in Hindi and only two in Tamil? When people in India can watch & enjoy Hollywood movies, why can't one common format for both instead of this region specific strategy? Asked by: Bharath

A. Didn't think the London setting for a Tamil Mileu will work.

Q. Vishwaroopam release fiasco affected David's first weekend collections in anyway?Asked by: Bharath


Q. Whom do you consider for Vikram's part before? As you said You consider Vikram for Neil Nithin portion. Asked by: Vignesh

A. VIKRAM was the first choice.

Q. Are you happy with the response to the movie? Asked by: Siddharth

A. Nope. Hoping it picks up more steam in the week.

Q. Why didn't you shoot parallely for Tamil? Asked by: Budu

A. We did as much as we could given the variables.

Q. Why haven't Neil Nitin's Character not casted in Tamil Version? Asked by: Dasan

A. Already answered that.

Q. Many reviews say that the Lip Sync in Tamil Version has been so Poor. What is the reason? Asked by: Dasan

A. Pls watch the film to form your own opinion.

Q. What made u to choose Jiiva for this film? Asked by: senthilks

A. I have been a huge fan of Jiiva since 'Katradu thamizh".

Q. Why were the subtitles of bad quality? How come you didnt use rekhs. Many non tamils were disappointd with the subtitlte quality. Asked by: Santhosh

A. Rekhs is that you posing questions as Santosh? :)

Q. 'David' has quite an ensemble cast just like 'Shaitaan'. According to you, which character among the two films was most difficult to cast? Asked by: Bedit Banerjee

A. The musician David.

Q. I saw Shaitan and i was blown back, now it's David and i loved it. Saw it thrice One thing i found in both was a plane idea being developed with complex shot's when will i get to watch a complex story? Asked by: Mayur Madhavan E

A. Already people are blaming me for not keeping it simple :) anyways to answer ur question - very soon.

Q. After watching David, I felt it would've been a great one if it is a short film... Was it initially planned as a short film? Asked by: Bharath

A. Nope. It was always a feature film idea.

Q. What camera did you use for the movie? The cinematography was brilliant. Asked by: Shan

A. Red epic.

Q. If it wasn't Jiiva, who would've been the option? Asked by: Dasan

A. Me.

Q. Wat is ur take on directors being writers? I feel both r different field. Infact even ur mentor Mr. Maniratnam has writers 4 many of his movies. Remembr Mr. Sujatha writing for him. Asked by: Hariesh

A. Depends on the script.

Q. Sir, Shaitan was a great movie. By any chance, will you attempt to make the movie in Tamil? Asked by: PMannen

A. Nope.

Q. What inspired the 3 stories of David? Asked by: Ria

A. A newspaper article.

Q. Both your movies have many characters. Any Single-Hero- Specific movie subject in future? Any Malayalam projects lined up? Asked by: Dasan

A. Will try for both :)

Q. Did you expect mixed response from the crowd even prior to the film's release? Asked by: deepak krishnamurthy

A. Kinda.

Q. Are you a Mallu? If so, im proud to be one. Asked by: Joseph Kutty

A. Ok I am not let go an opportunity to be super FILMY " Mr. Joseph Kutty, I an Indian first !! ( loud patriotic background music)

Q. Saar, takin lead from one of ur prev answers...wen will u start acting in films? :) ;) Asked by: Balaji Mohan

A. Pls launch me.

Q. Present Day movie making economics require stringent cost control. Which are the areas would you concentrate? Asked by: Dasan

A. Reducing star remuneration.

Q. David is looking very good will watch this any movie for bollywood hero shahid kapoor Asked by: shubham lahoti

A. Errr he isn't in it.

Q. What was the total production budget of 'David' - both Tamil and Hindi? Asked by: Nikhil Thomas

A. Pls ask Reliance.

Q. Will you going to be making movies in Tamil more often or stay in Bollywood at the time being? I really loved the Tamil version! Asked by: Lucas

A. For sure !

Q. Which is your all time favourite Indian movie? Asked by: Urmis Thamban


Q. Your favorite 2012 hindi film? Asked by: Tushar


Q. Are you ready to direct one more movie with Jiiva in future? Asked by: senthilks

A. Only if he agrees.

Q. I have a script that I have written with you in mind as director? Where and how can I meet you? Asked by: Charan

A. I work on my own scripts only.

Q. Its Bejoy's kind of film that's true but what is the reason for bad response :- weak story line or different story line? Asked by: Dixit Javia

A. Maybe a bit of both. I wanna lean on different though.

Q. If you were to make a movie based on a book, which one would that be? Asked by: Pavithran

A. " How to make an intelligent 100 crore film "

Q. Don't you think the name DAVID is main enemy for the film to get such poor response in Tamil nadu.You should have kept a catchy tamil name.... Asked by: mekala


Q. Thanks for making Anirudh launched in Bollywood. Great combooo. I got back with my boyfriend because of that song. Congrats on your movie success Asked by: Shika Golecha

A. Hope Ani is reading this.

Q. How do you react to critics who say that style overtakes substance in your films? Asked by: Reghu Jaitly

A. Well you can't please everyone. Will try harder

Q. Have you started working on your next script Asked by: Deepak

A. Yes. Very much.

Q. Both Shaitan and David are for specifc set of audience..are you planning anything for a larger audience... Asked by: Rohit

A. Will try harder for that.

Q. What was the entire point of the Lara Dutta sub plot? Asked by: Charan

A. Well obviously you didn't get it.

Q. Whats your take on Huge Budget (Enthiran, Viswaroopam) Vs Small Budget (Pizza, NKPK)? Which do you think will thrive in future? Asked by: Dasan

A. I sincerely hope both do.

Q. Which is your most favourite Malayalam film? Asked by: David

A. Too many to name. Immediately " thoovana thumbikal" comes to mind.

Q. How does a scriptwriter make an entry into Bollywood today? Do you have suggestions for aspiring writers? Asked by: Charan

A. Register your ideas and pitch to production houses and directors.

Q. Vikram said he would have loved to play all the 3 Davids did this tot ever come to you casting him in a triple action role as 3 Davids? Asked by: karthik

A. Hahaha. No

Q. Whose your favourite actor in India both Hindi and Tamil? Asked by: Deepak

A. Sanjeev kumar.

Q. Don't you think even the Hindi version would have been better with only 2 Davids, excluding the Goan part...looked to be dragged? Asked by: russel

A. Nope. Don't agree on that.

Q. According to you which is the most tough job..screenwriting or direction. Asked by: Rohit

A. Both !

Q. What / who inspired you to choose to be a Film maker? Would love to see you on screen...any chance of guest appearance in your next film? Asked by: Jayshree Iyengar

A. Much better off behind the camera!

Q. If these things were done on the Tamil film , it would have been a huge hit. Will you agree to these a)reduce the drunkard portions of Vikram and have another neat storyline set in Goa b)ask a bigger star may be Vijay, Surya or Ajith for the Neil Nitin Mukesh role in Tamil. (nativity will never matter here) Asked by: Deepak

A. Ok Saar. Point noted. Now I'll do exactly as you say. NOT

Q. From a previous answer. neither the Mumbai setting nor the Goan setting would have established a connect with the Tamil audience. how do you justify this reason for leaving out the London portion? Asked by: Pavithran

A. Well I personally thought it would be completely alienating the tam audience.

Q. Are you always fully confident before starting a project or do you find your way as you go along? Asked by: Urmis Thamban

A. Once script is locked I am ultra confident.

Q. Out of all 3 Davids in Hindi, which is your favorite one, don't say all.. please! Asked by: Rakshanda

A. Really can't newer that. Though musician is the closest to me as a story purely coz that's how David started.

Q. Was Neil's part shot in a different camera? Asked by: Luc

A. Nope. Same camera. Red epic

Q. If you could give 3 important pointers to a first time filmmaker, what would they be? Asked by: Ramji Rao

A. Never compromise, never give up, win a lottery so that u can stick to the first 2pointers

Q. When is the pizza remake going to start in Hindi You are producing it rite ? Will it feature a leading star from there or atleast some one like Ayushman khurana (vicky donor) new comers Asked by: Deepak

A. Announcements will happen soon.

Q. Why did you choose the Red Epic instead of the Arri Alexa? Asked by: Sagunan

A. Love the output in comparison.

Q. Why was a Bollywood Debut when you had a so closer Mollywood? Asked by: Dasan

A. Just coz I am a Mallu doesn't mean I have to make. Mallu debut.

Q. Do you think you chickened out while filming the love making scenes? Shouldnt they have been much more impactful? Asked by: Charan

A. Next time.

Q. What was the first line that you said to vikram,Jeeva when you were narrating the script to him Asked by: Deepak

A. Hi I am Shaitan.

Q. Which camera did you use in Shaitan? Asked by: Sagunan

A. Red again.

Q. Is there anything you seek to particularly improve after David? Like lessons? Asked by: Pavithran

A. Let David get out of theaters before I learn my lessons.

Q. Who is your favourite composer? Asked by: Natarajan

A. Rahman sir.

Q. How come you chose new guy for musician role, he's also a Canadian too.. for such a desi role? Asked by: Anup

A. He did a great audition.

Q. What's the ideal way to become a director? Is film school an absolute necessity? Asked by: Avinash

A. Am just to films old. You should ask more experienced directors.

Q. Given a choice of Cinematographer-one highly regarded and the other a debutant-available for same remuneration, who would you go with? Asked by: Dasan

A. Stupid question.

Q. Will You Do A Solo movie with Vikram? Asked by: Arun

A. Would love to.

Q. Lately, more and more emphasis is only on 1st week collections? Wont we have any 50 or 100 day running movies in future? Asked by: Dasan

A. Highly doubt it.

Q. When you going work with Ilayaraja sir? Asked by: senthilks

A. It'll be a dream come true.

Q. So why you didn't have crazy End Credits in David like Shaitan? Asked by: Japjit S Sethi

A. Didn't want to repeat myself.

Q. Gem of a movie, thanks for the movie. Asked by: varun kumar reddy

A. Thanks man.

Q. Is the reason to have all names as 'David' and show how they are connected? Is the idea inspired from Carl Jung's archetypes? Asked by: Vinay

A. No, it isn't.

Q. Will there be a sequel to David? Asked by: Deepak

A. No

Q. I loved the movie..I like these kind of movies..keep on going..thanks Asked by: Rohit

A. Thanks Rohit

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