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Bhumika Chawla: The multifaceted talent

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Last Updated: May 25, 2012, 12:26 IST

Bhumika Chawla: The multifaceted talent

Here is the charming Bhumika Chawla, who turns producer with her movie 'Thakita Thakita'. Have a look.

Here is the charming Bhumika Chawla, who turns producer with her movie 'Thakita Thakita'. Watch the interview where she talks about her journey as a producer, how it all started, working with new comers and many more. Not just that, Bhumika is also a poet, watch her recite a poetic line and more.

Entering Film Production.

A dream is always like a seed, a thought is as similar as a seed. My husband Bharat and I wanted to be associated with film. As I have been working for ten years, I wanted to continue. Bharat and I talk about movies and we talked about making a movie. The beauty of Bharat is that I think and Bharat does it. So when we spoke of a movie, the next day he comes up and says he hs started a company called 'Down Town Films' and that's how this started.

Choosing director Srihari Nanu for first your film

I worked with Srihari Nanu almost three years ago in Sathyabhama. Bharat had also met during that time. Srihari discussed a few scripts and we liked one script. He narrated a couple of times and we liked it.

Acting in this film because you are the producer or you liked the role?

I am part of the creative team. The pre-production and post production that happens, I am involved. But when you are talking about acting, if it suits me I will do the role. I won't do it just because I am the producer.

Poetess Bhumika

Yeah I've written a few of them, I'll tell one of them.

"Har Subha ke aane se pehle, Ek raat hai baaki;

Aankhon mein abhi neendh hai baaki."

My role in this film

I am playing the role of a teacher in the film. This is the first time I am doing a character of a teacher in my career. There are going to be scenes that are very impressive. I am here to advise teachers, parents and students about life.

Managing new comers to deliver on screen.

We had trained them six months before the shooting started. We trained them in acting, language, dance, everything. They are just so good. You have to watch the movie to see how they have performed. They are unbelievable.

Nagarjuna and Anuskha in the movie?

We wanted someone who had an aura for the character Nagarjuna sir is acting. So we decided Nagarjuna for the aura he has. He is playing Nag himself. Nag and Bharat are very good friends. In fact I made my debut in Nagarjuna's banner. Anushka was a teacher with Bharat. She taught Yoga and she came aboard.

The music in the movie?

Bobo Shashi have done a fantastic job. The music is fantastic. All the songs are different. There is a slow song, a romantic song, a rap song and it will be a sensation in the discos.

Delay in the making of the film

We wanted to make it the best. We didn't want to hurry things up. We didn't want to make it in one month so we kept doing our work. It took sometime. Hope the result is good.

The difference between paying and getting paid?

It's always a circle of a life. It is a social circle. Someone gives and another takes. People are inter-dependable 11. Your involvement in the film making process. I have gone through the sittings, I have sat through them. I've seen it all. Any changes were seen and we had discussions. So I was involved right from the beginning.

About Senthil, the cinematographer.

Senthil is the best camera man in AP. What can I say, he has won Filmfare awards, state awards.He has worked in 'Magadheera', 'Arundathi'. He is brilliant in this movie as well.

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