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Bigg Boss 6: Sana, Vishal kiss and make up


Last Updated: December 05, 2012, 10:48 IST

Bigg Boss 6: Sana, Vishal kiss and make up

Finally, Sana Khan and Vishal Karwal decided to resolve their differences on day 57.

New Delhi: Vishal Karwal and Sana Khan were seen fighting many times in past few days. When Vishal was evicted, he told Salman Khan that he cannot keep chasing her in the house like Rajeev Paul does. Finally, Sana and Vishal decided to resolve their differences on day 57. Niketan Madhok and his gang of friends told Vishal that Sana said mean things about Karishma Kotak and his father. Vishal trusted them without clarifying it with her. Sana also didn't like his closeness with Karishma and Mink Brar in the house. As a result, when Vishal was evicted last week, Sana was very cold with him.

On day 57, Vishal told Sana, "Don't you think you were very rude to me and you stopped talking to me. You were always my first priority and I will always save you. I thought I need not to do any formalities with you. While I was in the 'Padosi Ghar', I told 'Bigg Boss' to send you there next week, so that we can talk to each other."

They promised each other that from now on they will resolve all their misunderstandings immediately and will not hold any grudges. Vishal gave her a tight hug and kissed her on the cheek. In the upcoming episodes, Sana will have to face a lot of trouble because of her bonding with Vishal.

Meanwhile, the housemates are having a tough time during their luxury task this week. In the 'Do Bheega Zameen' task, the 'Padosi Ghar' team owns the garden and bathroom area. Whereas, kitchen and both the bedrooms belong to the main 'Bigg Boss' house team. Both the teams have to acquire each other's zones to win the task. While the red team (Padosi Ghar) were having their lunch, Niketan Madhok and Mink Brar from blue team tried to put their flag in the bathroom area. The red team contestants jumped on him and everybody suffered minor injuries.

Santosh Shukla completely lost his cool after this and started abusing the 'situation', as he claims. Though he said sorry to Mink later, but she is extremely hurt and plans to stop talking to him. Delnaaz and Sana who were trying to play the role of a peacemaker in the house were blamed of being partial towards their friends.

One man who is having a blast in the house because of all this is Imam Siddiqui. First he tried to hide red team's flag. When he was caught and banned from the bathroom, he warned everybody that he will play the game his way. None of the teams are ready to trust him now. He is usually seen provoking people in the house. It seems Imam has decided to play smartly now and is here to stay.

All the contestants have been nominated for eviction this week and three contestants are expected to bid adieu to the show this time.

first published:December 05, 2012, 10:48 IST
last updated:December 05, 2012, 10:48 IST
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