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Bigg Boss 8, Day 5: Is Arya Babbar plotting against contestants to avoid eviction?


Last Updated: September 27, 2014, 13:01 IST

Bigg Boss 8, Day 5: Is Arya Babbar plotting against contestants to avoid eviction?

Has Arya Babbar started to make smart moves to ensure he has the longest stay in the house?

Day 5 didn't have an apt beginning. It may have kicked off with a peppy song 'Ice cream khaungi', but witnessed tiffs, arguments throughout the day. Even though it was Praneet's birthday the next day, it didn't create the mood for celebration. The actor got into an argument with Gautam over kitchen issues. Praneet was so miffed with Gautam's behavior that he called him a 'footage artist', which further aggravated the situation. Diandra was the next inmate to get agitated and irked with Praneet's attitude.

While the early morning kitchen issues and discussion on lack of proper cleanliness kept many inmates busy, Bigg Boss asked the Secret Society to choose the weakest contestant amongst themselves. The members were asked to identify the weakest member of their faction who would be sent down to the Flight with the rest of the passengers. Being sent into the flight, the member became an ordinary passenger losing all control and immunity granted otherwise to a Secret Society member. While they completed their duties conferred upon them with 100% conviction, the group consensus was that Puneet Issar was more empathetic towards the passengers and considered renouncing the punishments and decisions. While Deepshika and Preetam continued to be members of the Secret Society, controlling the passengers, Puneet continued his journey as another member on this flight.

With lights going out and smoke covering the ground around the flight suspense gripped the passengers as Puneet Issar made a larger than life and dramatic entry on the background score 'Rakht Charitra'. Puneet was welcomed with loud shouts and cheers as their excitement grew even more. While other passenger know of him and were eager to get to know him, Aarya and Minisha have had the experience of knowing Puneet from before. In spite of his familiarity, the feeling of uncertainty grips Aarya as he later doubts the purpose of Puneet being sent down to travel this journey with the rest of them.

Giving reference of Mythology, Punit Issar reffered to each passenger as a character from the Mahabharat , where Upen seems like Arjun, Gautam like Karan, Aarya on the other hand resembles Bheem. Sushant is similar to Nakul and Praneet Bhat better known as Shakuni Mama would suit better as Yudhisthir. He ends by referring to himself as Bheeshma Pitamaha.
As the day started to dawn into night, everyone had been excited for the clock to strike 12, as Praneet would be the first passenger to celebrate his birthday this season on the flight. With high hopes Praneet made countless requests to Secret Society for his luggage and permission to share his business class goodies with his co-passengers on his birthday. To buoy his spirits Bigg Boss echoed a message sent to him by his mother, which brought everyone down to tears, including Diandra and Soni Singh.

But all hell broke loose as his pleads were met with a harsh response when only a brownie with a candle and a new costume from of his on-screen avatar were sent to him as gifts to bring in his birthday celebrations. A disappointed Praneet couldn't control his emotions as he refused to play by the dirty rules and decisions of the Secret Society.

While Arya was super excited to see Puneet in the house, he was also seen being suspicious of every word that the actor spoke about his stay as a part of Secret Society. Has Arya begun to plot slyly against strong contestants? Is he doing this to avert his eviction?

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first published:September 27, 2014, 13:01 IST
last updated:September 27, 2014, 13:01 IST