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Bihar Floods: Indian Railways Diverts Trains Due To Rising Water

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Last Updated: July 08, 2021, 20:02 IST

Bihar Floods: Indian Railways Diverts Trains Due To Rising Water

Several districts of Bihar are facing a massive flood.

Due to the rising water levels in East Champaran district of Bihar, Indian railways diverted trains between the Sugauli-Majhaulia stations of the East Central Railway division.

In view of the rising water at Rail Bridge number 248, all trains operating between Anand Vihar, Amritsar, Bandra Terminus, Gorakhpur, Muzaffarpur, Kolkata will now operate on converted routes in July. According to Pankaj Kumar Singh, Spokesperson of North Eastern Railway, all the regular trains will operate on a changed route.

The 05052 Gorakhpur-Kolkata train which will depart from Gorakhpur on July 8 in the scheduled route of Gorakhpur-Paniahwa-Narkatiaganj-Muzaffarpur will now run on a converted route of Gorakhpur-Chhapra-Muzaffarpur.

The 02557 Muzaffarpur-Anand Vihar train which will depart from Muzaffarpur on July 8 will be diverted from Muzaffarpur-Narkatiaganj-Paniahwa-Gorakhpur to the changed route of Muzaffarpur-Chapra-Gorakhpur.

While the 05273 Raxaul-Anand Vihar train will be diverted via Raxaul-Sikta-Narkatiaganj and not the usual Raxaul-Sagauli-Bettiah-Narkatiaganj.

The 05211 Darbhanga-Amritsar Special train leaving Darbhanga on July 8 will be diverted to Muzaffarpur-Chapra-Gorakhpur instead of its scheduled route of Muzaffarpur-Narkatiaganj-Paniahwa-Gorakhpur.

The 09040 Barauni-Bandra Terminus Special train departing from Barauni on July 8 will be diverted from its scheduled route Muzaffarpur-Narkatiyaganj-Paniahwa via the converted route Muzaffarpur-Chhapra-Gorakhpur.

How many trains have already been diverted?

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    A total of six trains have already been diverted. These trains are – 02558 Anand Vihar Terminus-Muzaffarpur, 05274 Anand Vihar Terminus-Raxaul, 05212 Amritsar-Darbhanga, 09039 Bandra Terminus-Barauni, 05656 Shrimata Vaishno Devi Katra -Kamakhya Special train, and 05653 Guwahati-Jammutvi.

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    first published:July 08, 2021, 20:02 IST
    last updated:July 08, 2021, 20:02 IST