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Panic in UP, Bihar Towns After Bodies of Covid Suspects Found Floating in Rivers


Last Updated: May 10, 2021, 23:25 IST

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For representation

Some news channels claimed the number of bodies to be as high as 100, which the BDO dismissed as 'highly exaggerated'.

Several bodies, decomposed, bloated and suspected to be of people who succumbed to covid-19, were on Monday found floating in the river Ganga in a Bihar district. Officials in Chausa block of Buxar, which borders Uttar Pradesh, rushed to the spot of the unseemly sight upon hearing the news.

“We were alerted by the local chowkidar that many bodies have been spotted floating from upstream. We have so
far recovered 15 of these. None of the deceased happens to be a resident of the district,” Chausa BDO Ashok Kumar told PTI over phone.

He said “many Uttar Pradesh districts are situated right across the river and the bodies may have been dumped in
the Ganges for reasons not known to us. We cannot confirm whether the deceased were indeed COVID 19 positive. The bodies have started decomposing. But we are taking all precautions while ensuring that these are disposed of in a decent manner”.

Some news channels claimed the number of bodies to be as high as 100, which the BDO dismissed as “highly exaggerated”. Many local residents, who spoke before cameras with their faces masked, claimed that the district administration was “in denial over many such unfortunate incidents involving residents of Buxar”.

They alleged that those manning cremation ghats were charging a fortune whenever people reached there with the body
of a near and dear one who died of the coronavirus.

“There is also a shortage of wood and other material required for cremation. Availability of these has taken a hit
because of the lockdown. So many bereaved family members are impelled to immerse the bodies of their departed relatives in the river,” one of the residents said.

Often family members of a COVID victim are not handed over the body by the administration which claims it would
perform the last rites observing the protocol in place for the deadly virus, another local stated.

“What indeed happens is that the officials develop cold feet later and fearing that they might catch the
infection themselves, they dump the bodies in the river and flee. Little do they realize that they are also polluting the river,” he added.

Meanwhile, panic gripped locals in Hamirpur district of UP after spotted five bodies were found floating in Yamuna, creating a scare that these were of COVID patients. The apprehension was, however, dismissed by the authorities.

The resident had spotted the bodies, including a half-burnt corpse, under a bridge on the Yamuna on May 6, according to an official.

“After speaking to people and looking at the bodies, prima facie, it can be said these were not of COVID-19 patients as these were draped in a traditional manner and no body was wrapped as done in the case of COVID-19 victims,” District Magistrate Gyaneshwar Tripathi said in a statement.

He said all bodies were cremated with full respect.

The DM said local residents told police that people immerse bodies of their family members who die during the current “Panchak Nakshatra” and refrain from cremation.

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first published:May 10, 2021, 18:47 IST
last updated:May 10, 2021, 23:25 IST