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Bold gets bolder: Bollywood erotica goes 3D

Bold gets bolder: Bollywood erotica goes 3D

If lip-locking and lovemaking were not enough, filmmakers are now getting bolder by shooting erotica in 3D.

Mumbai: If lip-locking and lovemaking were not enough, filmmakers are now getting bolder by shooting erotica in 3D. 'Kamasutra 3D' and 'Jism 3' would help you get that experience.

When a movie is shot with 3D, the images have three-dimensional form or appearance and the viewers tasted that with Shah Rukh Khan-starrer superhero sci-fi movie 'RA.One' and Vikram Bhatt-directed horror thriller 'Haunted 3D'.

After wooing movie buffs with sci-fi and horror films in 3D, filmmakers have taken a daring step by planning erotica in 3D formats perhaps to get more footfalls and better turnover at the box office.

An experienced Anubhav Sinha, who had directed 'RA.One', says his next will be an erotica in 3D.

"The erotic thriller will be my official tribute to Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt...my film will be shot in 3D," said the filmmaker who has roped in Maqbool Khan, of 'Kabootar' fame, to direct the film.

The shooting will start in April and Sinha said that he will make it with new faces.

3D is not a loss-making proposition as proved by the success of Bipasha Basu-starrer 'Raaz 3' and 'Haunted 3D', which didn't have big names, but did good business.

'Raaz 3' was produced by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt, and now Pooja Bhatt follows the footsteps of her father and uncle respectively with 'Cabaret'.

"I might shoot 'Cabaret' in 3D. 'Cabaret' is a musical where there is a cabaret dancer and a man (Randeep Hooda) who comes from the crime world... These two worlds collide and that's the kind of the act that we have planned," she said.

She also has 'Jism 3' in the pipeline, which she plans to shoot next year.

"I had my script ready a long time ago. I want to get it out of my system. I will make 'Jism 3' in 3D," said the actress-turned-director-producer.

"It will be interesting to make an erotic film in 3D. In fact, we had plans to make 'Jism 2' in 3D. But later we felt it would look quite ahead of the times," she added.

If she made 'Jism 2', an erotic thriller, with Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone, Pooja has finalised Nathalia Kaur for 'Jism 3' and claims it will be bigger and better.

"We have increased our take with 'Jism 2'. So 'Jism 3' should be bigger and better. It will be a step ahead in every way."

Controversy queen Sherlyn Chopra, who posed nude for the Playboy magazine, is busy shooting her debut film 'Kamasutra', again being shot in 3D format by director Rupesh Paul.

Paul feels that Sherlyn has 'earthiness and sensuality' that her character requires.

According to him, it's not only Sherlyn who will shed clothes for her role in the movie. Eight other actors will also go nude.

Getting the right cast for a 3D erotic film was, however, tough for Paul.

"I got mixed reactions from the actors whom I approached. While a few of them gave me a cold shoulder, branding my film as graphic porn, others appreciated the bold idea," Paul revealed.

In terms of budget, 3D filsm are expensive.

Sagar Thackar, exective producer of 'Kamasutra 3D', told IANS: "The budget of 'Kamasutra 3D' is around Rs.5 crore to 7 crore. Obviously, a lot of extra effort is put in for 3D films, but it's worth it. Ideally when you plan to make a 3D, you need an extra Rs.1.5 to 2 crore."

"The film will certainly be a trendsetter. The world has not been introduced to the 3D erotic genre," he added.