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Bollywood gets a new mother: 10 reasons why Kirron Kher is a worthy successor to Nirupa Roy

By: Divya Pal


Last Updated: May 14, 2014, 18:46 IST

Bollywood gets a new mother: 10 reasons why Kirron Kher is a worthy successor to Nirupa Roy

Fast forward to 21st century and you'd find the wailing Nirupa Roy replaced by the dimpled Kirron Kher.

Grey-haired, invariably clad in a white sari and incredibly successful in leaving you weeping with her glycerine-induced tears, yes that's how the Bollywood maa, mostly played by veteran actress Nirupa Roy, was understood, depicted and accepted in the 80s. And while your heart would go out to Nirupa for all the sacrifices she made and the difficulties she combated, she would shock you by raising her kids on 'rookhi-sookhi ek waqt ki roti' and help them win the most sought-after jobs. Yes, those who have grown up watching Hindi films shot during the 80s would agree that the quintessential Bollywood maa would often be separated from her children only to be reunited via an important family song and would either sew neighbors' clothes or do their dishes to make a living. Agreed, it sounds really really sad, but it does up the film's emotional quotient, making the viewers appreciate the maa for being so maa-dest, maa-tchless and just so maa-rvelous.

Fast forward to 21st century and you'd find the wailing Nirupa Roy replaced by the dimpled Kirron Kher, who wears striking artificial hair, designer clothes, cracks jokes, takes a dig at her husband and breaks into a gig with her children. Even though she continues to be melodramatic, selfless and doting, Kirron is the undisputed choice to be Nirupa Roy's successor. Read on and tell us what type of mom are you...


The whiner: In addition to asking his onscreen a string of questions each time he returns home late, she is always complaining and can irk him if she tells how much she loathes his girlfriends, and tells him to stay back home. With such a mother, new pals do come over, that’s once and never again.

The PDA mother: To be showered with kisses can get irritating if the actor hate public display of affection. For a person who loathes holding hands in public, being hugged and kissed publically can be discomforting. Whether it is Nirupa Roy or Kirron Kher, both remain unaffected by what their sons think.

The discomforting mother: How would the son react when his mother breaks into an impromptu gig on a popular number? And what if she performs desi dance steps to fast beats? With the kind of roles she has played in the film, we wouldn’t be surprised if she is seen stalking his children on Facebook, commenting on their friends’ photos and sharing their po**y training sessions on the site.

The wannabe mother: In an attempt to be her kids’ BFF, she behaves like their contemporaries even as she does the household chores. Here’s what Kirron would look if she is sewing her sons’ clothes for his first day in college!

The unpredictable mother: She can shock anyone and put her kids into dilemma with her unpredictable and vicious anger. Her rigid behavior is as awful as her high expectations from you. Maintaining an amiable relationship can be a task.

The conservative: Getting too close to your pals of the same sex can send shivers down her spine. So if you happen to be the ‘maa da ladla’ make sure you never argue with her as she is the one who enjoys the most and wins it all the time.

The ‘drama queen’ mother: Irrespective of the age difference, she is always upbeat and excited to know about the new purchases you made and turn into a drama queen if things don’t go her way. And if it is happens to be your new branded clothes, don’t be surprised if she turns up at a social gathering before you. Even though the mere thought can drive you crazy, we aren’t sure if you’ll be swept off by her charm.

The OCD mother: She is either hooked on cleaning home or organized in life to a T. No matter how much you’d like to categorise these characteristic as personality trait and personal preferences, it is a fact that in most cases she has obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD.

The weeper: Nobody wants to see their mother crying, and dealing with seeing them sob all the time – whether it is about you not having enough meals, not ironing your clothes, leaving your room dirty – can be disturbing. Those who have short temper might even find it annoying. Instead of losing your patience look for a solution to reduce it.

The all-rounder: No matter how much we complain we love her for performing multiple duties with great Ease and perfection. She is an all-rounder who is always ready to shield her family and stand by each of the family members.

first published:May 14, 2014, 18:46 IST
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