Centre, Delhi Govt Responsible for Anti-CAA Protests at Shaheen Bagh, Says BJP Leader

File photo of senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar.

File photo of senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar.

Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Shanta Kumar said that although people have the right to hold dharna and protests, nobody has the right to cause inconvenience to others.

Shimla: Holding both the central and Delhi governments responsible for the ongoing anti-CAA dharna at Shaheen Bagh in South East Delhi, former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Shanta Kumar on Friday strongly criticised the Supreme Court too for sending interlocutors to protesters instead of deciding its legality.

Talking to media in Solan on Friday, Shanta Kumar said the country has failed in handling the Shaheen Bagh episode.

"How can governments, be it of the Centre or state, allow such a long dharna at a public place?" he asked.

Questioning the judiciary's decision of sending interlocutors to Shaheen Bagh, the veteran BJP leader said, "I respect the judiciary and the Supreme Court. The work of the judiciary is to provide justice, not to send interlocutors at dharna sites."

"If such Shaheen Bagh like dharnas are held at 100 places, will Supreme Court and high courts send interlocutors to all the sites?" he asked.

"I regret the judiciary handling the situation in such a way as it was the wrong way to handle the situation," he said.

People have the right to hold dharna and protests but nobody has the right to cause inconvenience to others, he added.

To a query, he said, "Whosoever is responsible for the entire Shaheen Bagh episode, action should be taken against those."

"The question is why this situation was allowed to emerge. The administration is run with discipline (Shashan anushashan se chalta hai). It should have been handled properly in the beginning," he said.

"Why did the legislature, executive and judiciary allowed such a long dharna at a public place? They deliberately allowed the situation to reach this stage. It seems as if they have given them a licence to hold a protest at any place. They thought when required, they will send interlocutors to request them to change the place of the protest," he added.

Raising fingers at the police and CID, the veteran BJP leader said, "If some people instigated masses in the national capital why did the police and CID fail in getting information in advance. If a municipal councillor is arrested now, why the police and CID failed to get such information about him in advance?".

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