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Chandana Bauri; BJP’s Poorest MLA in West Bengal is an Inspiration

Chandana Bauri; BJP’s Poorest MLA in West Bengal is an Inspiration

Chandana Bauri wants to expedite development work in her constituency as soon as possible

Chandana Bauri is a name that has been at the centre of all discussion this year in West Bengal. Bauri, the wife of a daily wage worker from Saltora in Bankura district, was in news during the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections for being the ‘poorest’ candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party. While the BJP suffered a major drubbing in the polls, Bauri secured her seat.

For the last week and half, she has been staying at the MLA hostel in Kolkata while attending the session of the Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly). She has never missed any of the classes held for newly-elected MLAs. However, while at work, her heart still longed for her ailing child who she left at home. Her son Babu was suffering from fever when she left for Kolkata to attend the Assembly session. Bauri had even shared emotional posts on social media, tagging her son’s photo with the caption #missyou. While she and her husband were trying to get used to the fast-paced life in Kolkata, her heart still longed for that one-room shanty in Saltora where she had left her son behind.

Now that she’s back in Saltora, Bauri is overjoyed to have her son back with her. She has posted a photo of her and her son together, captioning it ‘Beautiful children’. When asked by the media she said, “I’m extremely happy to have my son back after so many days. I’ve cuddled him a lot. You know, I never feel like leaving him alone to go anywhere.”

The family condition, however, has not dampened Bauri’s resolve to set development work in motion for her constituency as soon as possible. Her foremost aims include repairing roads and setting up water connectivity systems for the benefit of all.


Bauri, the ‘poorest MLA’ has a huge responsibility on her diminutive shoulders. She wants to work for the well-being of all and sundry. Her mantra, for the time being is, ‘No child should go hungry for even a single day’.

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first published:July 12, 2021, 19:28 IST