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First Cut: 'Chase' is disappointing

First Cut: 'Chase' is disappointing

Don't bother chasing this Jag Mundhra film

Chase directed by Jag Mundra is primarily made to launch Anuuj Saxena into films. Though the actor doubles up as the producer too, it is difficult to understand why he kept himself in a meditative state in the entire first half of the film, where he could have actually shown his acting skills to the world.

Getting straight to the plot, we see Sohail Ansari (Anuuj Saxena) being introduced as a freelance photographer working for a news channel. Weird! If that is so, then may be a cameraman works for a newspaper.

The motto of the film is simple. Never be at the wrong place at the wrong time. So one day while Sohail is trying to shoot nature’s beauty, he by chance happens to capture a murder episode of a politician. Though he manages to escape from the murder spot, the cops led by Inspector Siddharth (Samir Kochhar) catch him as the prime suspect. Here we also get to see Anuuj trying a few parkour moves in the chase sequence. Although a good attempt, it looks a tad bit fake.

Having caught Sohail, the cops try to label him as a terrorist. Sohail is shell-shocked and slips into coma.

Enters the good ol’ bad man of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover with his power-packed punch line, My name is Anthony, not Gonsalves, it is D’Costa. Kudos to the actor for making the viewers watch the film with renewed interest even with his minuscule appearance.

Nupur Pradhan (Udita Goswami) comes in as a nurse to take care of Sohail. Instead, she tries to seduce him, all the reasons for a song sequence, isn’t it?

Udita looks hot and succeeds in what she is supposed to do. Entertainment!

The film is predictable and nothing really excites you. The hype surrounding the son of yesteryear’s star Shammi Kapoor, Aditya Raj Kapoor (Mr Khanna, an industrialist) doesn’t really work for the film. Aditya gives a clean performance and his eyes definitely remind us of Shammi Kapoor.

Ranveer Tyagi’s (Rajesh Khttar) with his heavy jackets and scarf’s seems to come out straight from the sets of SRK’s Don.

Anuj’s love interest, Surbhee (Tarina Patel) gives a decent performance.

Verdict: Chasing Chase will not be a wise decision.

Rating: Poor

first published:April 29, 2010, 19:26 IST