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Chashme Buddoor: Cherish the old world romance

Chashme Buddoor: Cherish the old world romance

The film has been digitally restored to look good to satiate the demands of the new age spectators.

New Delhi: Director Sai Paranjpye's hugely acclaimed film of 1981, 'Chashme Buddoor' is also re-releasing alongwith David Dhawan's 'Chashme Baddoor'. Though the film is going to see a limited release under the PVR banner but it has created a good buzz among the film enthusiast. The film has been digitally restored to look good to satiate the demands of the new age spectators.

'Chashme Buddoor', which has achieved a cult status by now, featured Farooq Shaikh and Deepti Naval in the lead roles. They played the characters of Siddharth and Neha in the film while Rakesh Bedi (Omi) and Ravi Baswani (Jomo) were seen as Siddharth's close buddies.

The drama in the lives of three bachelors starts the moment they spot a sweet and hardworking salesgirl Neha. Siddharth and Neha fall in love with each other but who could stop the two friends from creating confusions between the two lovers?

"I am also excited to see the restored print of 'Chashme Buddoor' with its upgraded version and sound effect," said Farooq Shaikh in an interview given to IANS.

He further talked about the quality of the content in today's films, "Double meaning or below the belt comedies are made when the script is not strong. So, if you have a strong script, you don't need all these things."

'Chashme Budoor' had some melodious songs and Farooq Shaikh recognises the importance of good songs in a film, "One thing that got lost over the years is melody in songs. We have to pay attention to that."

Deepti Naval talked about the restored version of 'Chashme Buddoor' in an interview given to IANS, "I feel that the old 'Chashme Buddoor' never died down. People have gone on watching it as it's repeatedly shown on TV. It never died out."

"I just remembered that we used to have fun... we were in such a comfort zone with each other. I didn't even know the ABC of acting at that time. But no one made me feel that I was just one-film-old," she added.

Talking about Paranjpye's disapproval of Dhawan's remake, Naval said it is important to respect her feelings.

"I want to respect her feelings... she is concerned how her film will be remade. But I feel that the fact that David saab wants to make the film again is a compliment," she said.

Rakesh Bedi, who was also at the event, feels that the remake will lack the simplicity of the original.

"The simplicity won't be there. The innocence and that atmosphere will be missed. But I guess this is the requirement of today," he said.

The old edition seems to be in a position of advantage because of the liking shown by the audiences towards it over the years. The promoters of the restored version would be hoping for a good re-run at the ticket window as well.####