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Superstars vs Actor Children

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Last Updated: April 01, 2010, 19:42 IST

Superstars vs Actor Children

Star sons and daughters in Bollywood and how they have fared so far

Stars come and go but they leave a mark…such that their performances are embossed in the minds of the audience. And very few manage to reach their level of expertise. In such a situation when their future generation (read sons and daughters) take their place a comparison is bound to happen. Clearly star children don’t have it that easy if they have to live up to their parent’s performances. Take a look at some star children who have tried to reach the standard of performances their parents gave.

Amitabh Bachchan - Abhishek Bachchan

At the start of his career itself Abhishek knew what he was jumping into. Being compared to the legendary Amitabh was inevitable but so much so that people had written him off with his second film Tera Jaadu Chal Gaya clearly came as a big surprise. With a series of flops one after the other, Abhishek finally hit the right nail with Yuva where he played a negative character. And the rest like they say was history.

Rakesh Roshan – Hrithik Roshan

Rakesh Roshan was known for his simpleton and genuine performances. Although he was respected immensely in the industry, Hrithik did not have to carry a huge burden of his father’s work on his shoulders. With his first film, Kaho Naa Pyar Hai itself Hrithik was on top of the charts. He had become a heartthrob for the ladies and action star cum dancer for the boys. The boy with six fingers and Greek god like appearances struck the right cord shocking all the other top actors of the time. But unfortunately for him, Hrithik could not create the magic again with any other filmmaker. Until Koi Mil Gaya directed again by Rakesh Roshan hit the screens which was followed by his father’s Krissh. The rest just followed suit.

Dharmendra – Sunny and Bobby Deol

During Dharmendra’s reign, the actor known for his hot and charming looks was also known for his angry roles. ‘Kutte kaminey main tera khoon pee jaaunga’ , were one of his all time used dialogues. Sure enough, Sunny Deol started his career with soft and cute romantic films then went on to become complete action star. Post his Ghatak film, Sunny Deol has been known as the 'One man Army'. In the meantime, Bobby who debuted with Barsaat went on to give a series of flops and some average films once in awhile. Clearly the Deol family who are known for their integrity did not manage to sustain it for long.

Jitendra – Tusshar Kapoor

The jumping jack as Jitendra was fondly called had created a huge and humongous market for himself in Bollywood as well as Tollywood. Retired at an early age Jetendra still does small time roles and people still can’t have enough of him. However, when Tusshar entered the scene, things changed dramatically. Expectations were soaring high, but Tusshar could not manage to create the same craze as his father. However, Tusshar made a great impression with his Golmaal series and his performance in Shootout at Lokhandwala.

Hema Malini – Esha Deol

The Dream Girl, Hema Malini was easily everyone’s first choice while making a film. Esha Deol did get Hema’s dancing qualities in legacy however the same cannot be said about the acting skills. Esha came and left without conquering Bollywood. It is now rumoured that the young actress is back to give it another try.

Rishi Kapoor – Ranbir Kapoor

Like Father like son, the statement holds very true in this case. Rishi and Ranbir created magic the moment they came on screen each in his own time. Ranbir has taken Rishi Kapoor’s legacy with his brilliant and charming performances. He managed to stand out even if the film didn’t do well enough. That’s Ranbir for you. Clearly he has done his father proud.

Anil Kapoor – Sonam Kapoor

It was not very easy for Anil Kapoor to establish himself in the film industry, after years of struggle Anil Kapoor finally made his stand. And he made sure that, Sonam Kapoor learnt it all from scratch. He insisted that she struggled and that did the trick for Sonam. Only two films old, she find it difficult to find roles but isn’t that part of the struggle. Way to go Daddy Kapoor.

Kamal Haasan – Shruti Haasan

Inspired a lot from her dad, acting and doing her own stunts came naturally to Shruti Hassan. Known for his versatility, energy and high emotional performances no one expected any less from Shruti. But with her stint in Luck opposite Imran Khan, the verdicts and expectations changed. Of course one film decides no one’s fate. Let’s hope Shruti gets a second chance.

Shatrughan Sinha – Luv Sinha

The father was known for her serious acting and benchmark performances. The newly launched Luv Sinha has yet to prove his acting skills with his film Sadiyaan which is due to release this week. Whether he will or not reach his father’s level only time will tell.