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Christmas Special Horoscope for Today: Check What's in Store for You

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Know what the stars hold for you on Christmas Day.

Aries: Remind yourself to think positively today. Take the tough in your stride and do it. ,Also give some thought on initiating a business strategy and execute it as you will have the flair for it today.

Taurus: Relax and enjoy yourself today. Exercise caution in money-related matters. You may feel drawn towards new professions such as jewellers, artists, bankers and orators. By the end of the day, it will all be for good.

Gemini: Your house could be progressing renovation which will occupy you for most of your time. You will be busy setting up your pad and later flaunting it to friends, neighbours, and more acquaintances.

Cancer: Once you set your mind on something, you can get the ball rolling and your colleagues stay assured the job is done. Today, you will be busy with financial transactions, so you are likely to accomplish on the monetary front.


Leo: Your gregarious attitude will make you feel like the world is at your feet. You will be easily able to open any door of your choice and will excel in anything.

Virgo: An unknown fear will grow a shadow in your mind today. Go for a hike. Be careful with certain expenses from extravagant activities.

Libra: Your tenacity will help you reach new heights in finances and multiply your fortunes. Your knack of raking in the moolah will be favoured in all transactions monetary.

Scorpio: Just another day. Today brings nothing exciting or new. You are likely to be brought out from your routine by a new eye candy who will enliven your spirits.

Sagittarius: Your leadership quality will impress people. You will defy the odds and take your way to the top. Let those around you enjoy their own space as it will add to their morale.

Capricorn: You will be optimistic about everything today and will travel your way from defeat to success. You will be careful and will capitalise on every chance you get to take you a step closer to your dreams.

Aquarius: Many lucrative opportunities will come your way today and you are set to win your way slow and steady. No need to worry as there will be no trouble on the money front.

Pisces: Kids will extract most of your time from today. Although they do cause some headache at times, more often than not they can surprise you. Your children can step up to the occasion with some helpful tutoring.

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