Coronavirus Lockdown: Kerala-Karnataka Police Join Forces to Deliver Life-saving Medicine for Infant

The police in Kerala's Kasaragod district had earlier sealed the border with neighbouring Karnataka.

The police in Kerala's Kasaragod district had earlier sealed the border with neighbouring Karnataka.

The father of the six-month-old infant praises the police forces of both states that remain in lockdown.

Neethu Reghukumar
  • CNN-News18
  • Last Updated: April 10, 2020, 7:03 PM IST
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Thiruvananthapuram: At a time when several issues plague the Kerala-Karnataka border that has been closed own, police forces of both states joined hands to deliver life-saving medicine for a six-month-old baby in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram.

The infant had hypoglycemia and required the medicine available only in Bengaluru.

Prejith, his father, said the medicine is imported from Germany and was purchased by a friend who "was not sure when the medicine will reach if they send by post". The parents only had medicine with them till April 10.

"We were really worried as we did not know what to do. I had send an email to Kerala Chief Minister and the Health Minister's Office. We also contacted a member of the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. I got a call from Inspector General Sreejith after this and he coordinated with us."

In Karnataka, Railways Additional Director General of Police Arun Chakravarthy was involved in the coordination.

The Railway Police team deployed by Railways Superintendent of Police MB Boralingaiah collected the medicine from the person in Bengaluru. The team then took it to the Karnataka border and handed it over to the Kerala Police, who reached Thiruvananthapuram. There, the medicine was handed over to the family by Trivandrum Police Commissioner Balram Kumar Upadhyay.

Chakravarthy said he had received a phone call from IG Sreejith two days back, who told him about the need for medicine that was critical for the infant. "We just saw it as saving the live of an infant and did the best we could," he said.

Prejith expressed the family's gratitude to the police force of both states.

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