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Crime-fighting Gurgaon cops are new pinup boys

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Last Updated: January 04, 2012, 13:01 IST

Crime-fighting Gurgaon cops are new pinup boys

Move over Batman, hello Baton Man. Gurgaon has new crime fighting heroes.

New Delhi: Move over Batman, hello Baton Man. The national capital's satellite township has new crime fighting heroes – a group of baton wielding traffic police officials who rescued a woman from men who were allegedly groping her during the New Year's eve revelry on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road.

Responding timely and effectively to the cries of help from a woman attacked by the bunch of people who surrounded her and her male companion on the relatively deserted stretch of the road, three traffic cops charged into the group wielding their service batons.

In a matter of minutes the crowds dispersed as the policemen shielded the upset woman and charged towards the perpetrators. The December 31 evening may have ended on a sour note for the woman but it gave the wary residents of Gurgaon something to cheer about. Gurgaon, an affluent millennium township built around multinational companies and shopping malls, is usually prone to late night crimes.

Congratulatory messages started to pour in on the official page of the Gurgaon Traffic Police on Facebook and the video of the attack and their response to it was shared on all social networking sites.

The khaki has suddenly acquired the status of 'cool' among young Indians online who commended the officials for their alertness and fast response to what could have turned into an ugly instance of crime against a woman.

The police had taken several elaborate regulatory measures in Gurgaon expecting trouble from inebriated revelers. Incidentally, there were also some contrary reports of police bashing in the media.

Facebook user Rishabh P Nair wrote on the GTP page: "Gurgaon has improved so much over the past few years, especially the Police...irrespective of what people say I feel with a lil more effort GTP can become one of the best in the country!"

Nair's opinion is supported by Arvind Chauhan who commended the police for "Nice job done." "There may be many acts like this which never came to the knowledge of the public..but still...we know that you guys are there...we appreciate your contribution and salute you for the dedication and responsibilty you showed here.. you ROCK GTP...!!!"

The label of 'cool' is perhaps new for the police, often mistrusted by citizens and accused of accepting bribes and perpetrating crimes. "Great Job GTP... lathicharge was less for them they should be shot... this way only Gurgaon can be a safer place.. the situation now in gurgaon is worse and these measures can help to improve.. great job...," said Lal Ratnakar.


first published:January 04, 2012, 13:01 IST
last updated:January 04, 2012, 13:01 IST