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Dada is below average

 Dada is below average

Will it even last a week?

Cast: Ajit, Laila, Suresh Gopi, Nagma
Banner: Gayatri Movies
Producer: C Yuvaraju
Story, screenplay and direction: R Murugadas

Dada is yet another dubbed film which has very little to offer to the Telugu audience. The producers have just tried to cash in on the popularity of the artistes (Ajit and Laila) and director R Murugadas.

The film is a gangster's love story. Rudra (Ajit), is a loafer. He is spotted by gangster Raghava Reddy (Suresh Gopi) who gives him shelter. The Reddy gang revels in beating up people and causing terror. They are merciless and go to the extent of chopping off the hands of their victims.

Rudra falls in love with Chithra (Laila). Meanwhile, Raghava Reddy comes to know that a man called Ashok is teasing his sister Shanthi and asks Rudra to bash him up. But Rudra realises that Ashok is the brother of Chitra and therefore spares him. Raghava Reddy fixes Shanthi’s marriage with a police officer. But Shanthi is in love with Ashok and the two elope. Unfortunately, she meets with a fatal accident. Before dying, she asks Rudra to save Ashok’s family from the wrath of Raghava Reddy.

Raghava, who sets out to take revenge on Ashok’s family, is arrested on charges of murder. But he gets bail and when trying to eliminate Ashok, learns that his sister Shanthi and Ashok were in love. He realises his mistake and decides to forgive them. The film ends with the hero and heroine uniting on a happy note.

Dada is below average. There is hardly anything to hold the interest of the audience. Ajit, Laila and Suresh Gopi do their job routinely. As with all dubbed films, the utter lack of local flavour and no lip-sync are big minus points.
first published:March 26, 2010, 14:25 IST