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Danish Aslam: 'It was a roller coaster ride'

Danish Aslam: 'It was a roller coaster ride'

The debut director of 'Break Ke Baad' feels he is lucky to have managed to rope in several winning combinations

Debut director Danish Aslam considers himself quite lucky to have brought a few firsts to his film Break Ke Baad. Firstly, he swears by the music of the film that has been penned by noted lyricist Prasoon Joshi and directed by Vishal and Shekhar, a never-before-seen combination. In fact, Aslam goes on to say that Prasoon composed several lyrics of the film while sitting in different parts of the world, and sending them to him via the mobile phone.

“Actually you can’t call Prasoon a lyricist. He is a poet. I remember, he was stuck at the Heathrow Airport due to the volcanic eruption in Ireland and he was constantly typing new lyrics for Break Ke Baad and messaging them to me. In fact, Prasoon even kept typing when he was sitting in the flight,” says Aslam. Aslam is also glad that his film would be the first to see these chaste Hindi compositions being transformed into “young rock music” by two “mental, really mad” music directors.

Given the individual popularity that Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan command in Bollywood, Aslam is also surprised that no director before him ever considered casting the two hotties together. “I really got lucky with those two,” gushes Aslam, adding, “Imran didn’t have to act at all in my film. This is the easiest bit of job he has ever done. The character he plays is that of a commited guy in love who believes in the institution of marriage and Imran is just like that in real life.”

Directing Deepika however was a challenge as he explains, “Directing Deepika was difficult because she is so spontaneous. She is totally opposite to the character she plays who is not so committed to a relationship. In real life, Deepika does not believe in taking breaks. But Imran had it really easy.”

Having spent the last few years as an assistant director on the sets of films like Salaam Namaste and Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, the young director admits he was considered a b*tch by many on the sets of Break Ke Baad. He laughs as he confesses, “Someone told me I do so much of yelling on the sets and am such a stickler of discipline that I stood the risk of losing my ADs within the first week of starting to shoot.” In fact, there has been much written about Aslam banning cell phones on the sets and extorting huge sums of money as penalty. However, the debut director rubbishes all such claims.

“It is true that I put a fine on those whose cell phones rang on the set but the money was used to buy beer at the end of the day. In fact, people got so excited that they purposely let their phones ring for fun.”

In fact, Aslam also reveals that while Deepika always remembered to keep her phone off, Imran’s phone rang on a few occasions and he was forced to pay a penalty of Rs 5000.

As Aslam waits for the release of his film (November 26), he admits that he gets butterflies in his stomach, several times during the day. “I wake up in the morning thinking I have just made the worst film in the world and by afternoon I think may be I should get an Oscar for it. And in the evening again, I am terrified. Making the film has been a roller coaster ride for me.”