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Dawood aides vie for No 2 slot

Dawood aides vie for No 2 slot

Intelligence agencies are trying to confirm reports that authorities in the UAE have detained Dawood aide's men.

New Delhi: Indian intelligence agencies are trying to confirm reports that authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have detained gangster Chotta Shakeel's brother and some other members of his gang to maintain peace.

Shakeel is a key aide of Dawood, the most wanted man in India and a US-declared global terrorist. There are reports that Shakeel and his Dawood’s brother Anees are rivals for the number two post in Dawood’s gang and the fight has now turned dirty.

Shakeel monitors all activities of Dawood’s crime syndicate in India. New Delhi is confirming the veracity of the reports and is investigating whether the detained persons can be extradited to India, sources said.

Anees, who was detained in the UAE for a while last year, is reportedly hiding in Pakistan. Those reportedly detained in the UAE are members of Chota Shakeel's faction while none of the members of Anees' faction have been picked up.

Besides Shakeel's brother, his brother-in-law Arif Bhaijan and Qayoom have been detained.

The Dawood gang has kept its activities in the Gulf to the minimum after the don left the region in the wake of the strengthening of India's ties with the UAE, including the signing of an extradition treaty.

In the last three years, a few members of Dawood's gang have been deported to India. Among them are Dawood's brother Iqbal Kaskar, his aide Anil Parab and former key associate Ejaz Pathan.

first published:November 10, 2006, 17:42 IST