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De-stress: Breathe your way to wellness

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Last Updated: April 27, 2009, 16:31 IST

De-stress: Breathe your way to wellness

Aromatherapy helps you de-stress and soothe common ailments.

Whether it is sweet scent of jasmines or the earthy fragrance of the monsoons, every aroma triggers certain emotional and physical responses.

Blend aromatherapy into your everyday life to de-stress and even soothe common ailments.

Off the shelf

You can find two types of aromatherapy oils in the market; essential oils and carrier oils.

Essential oils are pure concentrates of natural aromas extracted from leaves, fruits, wood, roots, seeds and flowers such as lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. These oils are often highly concentrated and need to be mixed with carrier or blending oils before being applied or inhaled.

Ready-to-use pre-blended aromas are also available for your convenience.

Stop and smell the roses

There are several ways in which you can enjoy the benefits of aromas.

  • Pour a small amount of the aroma blend into an aroma burner. These burners are typically made of ceramic or clay with a place for a tea light candle underneath. Light the candle so that it heats the oil mildly.

  • You could also place a few drops of the aroma oil on your handkerchief or tissue and carry it with you. Inhale the oil whenever you feel stressed.

  • Another way to enjoy aromas is soaking an aroma bath or getting an aromatherapy body massage.

Maya Hari, the author is an alternative therapist, meditation instructor and art & decor enthusiast.

Which one is for you?

When it comes to choosing the right aromas, your senses know best. Try out a few random fragrances and stick with the one that helps you relax.

Fragrance Use it to…
RosemaryCure migraines
MarjoramPrevent snoring
BergamotDeal with anxiety and stress
EucalyptusSoothe colds, sore throats and asthma
Mandarin Deal with morning sickness
Lavender, Ylang Ylang De-stress and help yourself sleep
Mandarin Build your child's immune system
Pine Get relief from sinus problems and nasal congestions
Rose, Ylang Ylang To stimulate sexual desire
Rose To deal with menopausal and menstrual problems
Jojoba Moisturise your skin and protect it from the sun

Lavender is one of the most useful aromas. It is excellent at home to create a relaxed ambience.

Recommended aroma brands:

  • Soul-flower at Shoppers Stop.

  • Sugandhim is available online at ebay.

  • Forest Essentials is available in several retail chains across the country.

first published:April 27, 2009, 16:31 IST
last updated:April 27, 2009, 16:31 IST