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Donate Blood Before Getting Vaccinated, Here is Why

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Blood banks and physicians have urged people who donate blood to do so before being vaccinated.

The Vaccination drive for all people over the age of 18 will begin on May 1. A vaccinated individual would be unable to donate blood for at least 60 days, according to the regulations. Since the majority of voluntary blood donors are between the ages of 18 and 45, this could trigger a major shortage in blood banks.

Blood banks and physicians have urged people who donate blood to do so before being vaccinated.

Here is the situation of blood banks in different states:


The critical phase of the preventive vaccination campaign will start from May 1 and everyone under the age of 18 will be able to get vaccinated. Disaster Management, Relief, and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Wadettiwar has appealed to the public to donate blood before taking the corona vaccine, as you cannot donate blood for 45 to 60 days after vaccination.

Vadettiwar said both covid and non-covid patients are now being treated in hospitals. Therefore, more and more blood donors are needed. In addition, blood cannot be donated for 45 to 60 days after the corona vaccine. To donate blood first and then get the corona vaccine. Corona has caused a significant drop in blood donations since last year. Donate blood with social awareness because of blood shortage. Therefore, the lives of patients who demand blood can be saved.

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Amid the spike in COVID cases both Telugu states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are facing a blood shortage problem. Blood banks in both states run dry due to fear of COVID. Due to the second wave, donators and voluntaries are not showing interest to donate blood. As per the Sources, almost 300 blood banks are there across the Telangana which are collecting around 3.5 lakh units of blood from the donors and voluntaries per annum. The blood banks have a one-week window to stock the units for emergencies. As of now, Telangana has less than 15% of supply happening across the state.

Apart from this, the same situation happening in Andhra Pradesh too. The state has approximately 200 blood banks across the state. Which collecting almost 2.5 lakh units per annum. Due to the ongoing second wave of Covid19 making obstacle to donate blood. Donors are not coming forward to donate blood which results in the state is facing a blood shortage problem. As per the sources the Andhra Pradesh facing a 10% less supply of blood amid the COVID second outbreak. Experts warn that these situations will lead to an increase the death along with COVID patients’ bone and kidney patients will be the victims if the situation continue like this.


Blood donations per se have dropped dramatically post covid. The major sources of blood donations have always been colleges and corporate establishments. With the onset of covid, they are not physically functional.

Also, the 2-dose vaccination of a person takes 45 days and he/she can donate blood after 28 days of vaccination. All in all people can’t donate blood until over 2 months due to vaccination. The vaccination drive from May1 is for everyone above 18 years of age and this is the group that donates blood. Already there is a shortage of blood and situation is expected to get worse sooner.

Source: Senior Officials, Red Cross Society, Bengaluru


Ahmedabad facing shortage of blood as donors are missing.
Due to the Corona pandemic, there has been a steep fall in the number of blood donors which has led to acute shortage of blood in Ahmedabad city. Those children suffering from Thalassemia, acutely anaemic and also those who have met with some accidents are starting to have difficult situations. That is why healthy people have been requested to donate blood. Those who have got vaccine jabs cannot donate blood for 60 days. So, healthy persons have requested that before they get a jab, they should come forward to donate blood.

Vishwas Amin, who is associated with the Indian Red Cross society said that this year, blood donation fell between February and March which has increased the problems for emergency cases especially for those kids who are suffering from thalassemia. Now those people who will get anti-Covid jabs, they will not be able to donate blood for the next 60 days. In such a case the healthy persons have been requested to come forward to donate blood so that it could save the lives of other people. If this does not happen and the situation of blood in the blood bank does not improve, then this may lead to further problems.

A person associated with the blood bank, said that due to the steep spike in the Corona infections in the city, blood donation has come down. This is to remember that the blood bank which used to get so many people to donate blood could collect only 5122 units of blood between February and March this year. This is the lowest in the last two years.

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first published:April 29, 2021, 09:30 IST