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Dull weekend saved by National Award winning films

Dull weekend saved by National Award winning films

With the Ayodhya verdict playing havoc with Bollywood movie releases this week, some multiplex owners have come up with an alternative.

The Bollywood movie business has gotten into a confused frenzy, thanks to the Ayodhya verdict. Big movies like Anjaana Anjaani and Aakrosh postponed their release dates from September 24 due the verdict. And now Aakrosh will release on October 15 and Anjaana Anjaani on October 1. Unluckily for these two movies, the verdict got postponed too.

The result of all this confusion is that the audience is left with no Bollywood movie release this weekend. The only two new releases are Hollywood movies, Beauty and the Beast, Wallstreet – Money Never Sleeps. Some multiplexes came up with the ingenious idea of showing national award winning movies at select shows to ensure that there is a steady stream of people coming in to watch films. Big Cinema is showing Well Done Abba and. Inox is also showing 3 Idiots, Paa, Delhi-6 Kutty Srank and Abohoman, the Malayalam and Bengali films, which both won one National award each.

Utpal Sanghvi, spokesperson of Inox says, “We will be showing these films throughout the week. And fortunately this time around four mainstream Hindi movies have bagged the National award. If there was a big movie releasing this week, we wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to show these movies.” He adds, “There is a buzz about these movies and hence people would want to watch it. People will be interested in catching up with these films.”

Other multiplexes in the country are running with Hollywood releases like Beauty and the Beast and Wallstreet - Money Never Sleeps. Karan Sethia from Fame Adlabs says, “If the audiences like the content of these Hollywood films, they will do well. And also Dabangg is still going strong and so we will manage to pull this week off.”

first published:September 24, 2010, 16:07 IST