'Eega' will enter Rs 100 cr club: Ram Gopal Varma

'Eega' will enter Rs 100 cr club: Ram Gopal Varma

'Eega' has been released with English subtitles in 100 theatres in Karnataka alone.

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New Delhi: Kicha Sudeep, who has made his name in the Kannada industry, has become a brand across South India with 'Eega' releasing in 1200 theatres across South India.

Bollywood film maker and director Ram Gopal Varma has already given his verdict. Recently tweeting about the film, RGV said, "I think Eega will be the first film to start the Rs 100 crore club in Telugu industry. In other words, I mean, it will collect Rs 100 crore in Telugu alone."

The Kannada film star is making a big impact through the trailers. 'Eega' will show its colours this week with English subtitles in 100 theatres in Karnataka alone.

So, how is Sudeep planning to present it to the Kannada audience? "I have never really thought about it. I only know my movie will come here also and the same fans are going to watch it. The only difference is I don’t have to identify myself here in Karnataka. For me, this is one wonderful script, which came my way and I have done it," he says.

It doesn’t matter much to Sudeep in how many languages the moive is released as he knows he has given his best as an actor.

Right now he is focusing on his future assignments. “I am thinking about what I can do and how far I can travel. Every actor has got his own boundary. Beyond which, there comes a time when everything becomes boring.

Before that, do your bit and make a good place in the hearts of people before you should vacate the industry,” says Sudeep. When it comes to art of film making, Sudeep likes to go with the flow and having had hands-on experience in different film industries, has Sudeep understood it or is he yet to learn the nuances of the trade? “To understand cinema, one need not travel extensively. When knowledge is within you, you can learn where you are seated. Education doesn’t come from school, as it is inside you. It is just an awareness and one should know what kind of films people are watching,” he says. According to Sudeep, he is where he is because of his love for cinema. “I have never put stars across my name anytime.

I was driven to this field because of my madness towards cinema and not for stardom and that’s what kept me going,” he says. As far as choosing subjects, this actor goes by his instinct. “People who approach me know me and know my moods by now. They know the atmosphere I love to work in. Everybody is very accommodative,” he says. Talking about the significance of the story vis-a-vis the budget, Sudeep feels that budget has nothing to do with the story but the way you want to tell it.

“It is the extravagant scene or an atmosphere created to pull the audience with a mind-boggling song that raises the budget. It is the way you want to tell a story with every frame becoming rich. Now-a-days people want to see something very huge and nobody will pay a small amount to just go there and see a practical life and come out. It is all about how you offer entertainment,” he concludes.

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