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Exclusive: Former Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey’s Journey From Super Cop To Saint

Exclusive: Former Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey’s Journey From Super Cop To Saint

In an Exclusive Interview former Bihar DGP Supteshwar Pandey reveals what made him to quit his job and how he found solace in sainthood.

Former Bihar Director General of Police (DGP) Gupteshwar Pandey, who took voluntary retirement from his service in September 2020 to briefly join politics, has now acquired a completely different role - a saint. Pandey, who joined Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United) just ahead of 2020 assembly elections, was not given a ticket to contest the polls. However, Pandey, who was known as the ‘Super Cop’, seems to have left all that in the past as he claims to have shunned all materialistic things.

During an exclusive interaction with News18, Pandey shed light on his life - from Bihar DGP to a politician and finally a saint. Following are the excerpts from the interview.

Why the shift from a ‘Super Cop’ to a Saint? What is the reason for this change? 

I got more than I deserved in my life. Just see my background, I come from a humble family. I received education in my village, but never studied in an English-medium school. I became the DGP when I got the chance. I got all this. However, the final goal of life is self-realisation. These values have been imbibed in me since childhood. I sing hymns of god. It’s for self-purification.


How much role did self-realisation play when you left your DGP post to join politics? 

Don’t beat around the bush, ask straight forward questions. I don’t want publicity. What crime have I committed? What wrong am I doing by worshipping god? It’s all about perception. It depends on an individual’s thinking. Whatever I have achieved is through God’s grace and my hard work.

Did you ever think you had the qualities to join politics? 

Every man is predominantly passionate for power. If someone denies the Prime Minister or Chief Minister post, he must be a saint. I too have that passion. I was also influenced by politic. I rendered my services in 26 districts. I remained a successful police officer. Even my critics or enemies have not ever questioned my work. I faced several challenges in different governments during my tenure of 33 years in police service. But I can say that I never failed.

How did you enter politics? 

I don’t think I ever entered politics per say. You could have raised questions on my politics had I become an MLA or a minister. I would say I did not have qualities that are required in politics.

There must have been some thought behind associating yourself with a party symbol

I won’t deny that I wanted to join politics. Because of that I left my DGP post. I neither gained nor lost anything after joining politics. I had the passion for power. I wanted to contest elections. One requires a big heart to leave the DGP post. Just getting a ticket doesn’t ensure you will be an MLA. You have to fight and win.

You would have been able to serve people better as an MLA 

My aim was to serve people. I wanted to send a message across how an ideal MLA should be. But I didn’t get the chance, couldn’t even enter the system. I have written in my 45-year-old diary that my final goal in life is to attain self-realisation. My destiny is guilty. I have forgotten. This [saint] is not my new avatar. I have been preaching God’s message since I was 12.

Why did you leave politics? 

I don’t have any desire left. I have dedicated myself to god. I will do whatever he says.

So is this a temporary break or you will never join politics? 

Can anyone predict what will happen after five minutes? But I don’t have any political aspirations. I am not worthy of becoming a politician and will never be. Politicians have different qualities.

Where are your next sermons? 

I have two in Vrindavan. One in West Bengal and another in Bundelkhand, and there are many planned elsewhere.

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first published:July 01, 2021, 14:51 IST