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Family day in Bigg Boss: Amar, Shonali nominated

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Last Updated: December 13, 2011, 12:16 IST

Family day in Bigg Boss: Amar, Shonali nominated

The guests who visited 'Bigg Boss' house on day 71 were asked to nominate two contestants for eviction.

Mumbai: All the housemates were still busy discussing Mahek Chahal's eviction, when Bigg Boss surprised them by sending in their families. The first one to walk in was Siddharth's mother, Anuradha Sharma.

Sid met his mother after years and he couldn't believe his eyes. It seems Sid's mother has been closely watching 'Bigg Boss 5' and her son's spats with Akashdeep Saigal. When Sky offered her bread and butter, she replied, "I am not used to buttering."

After this, Sky was trying to maintain safe distance from her and was just listening to her conversation with others. Sid's mom again took a dig at Sky and said, "I think you love to talk a lot, then why are you just listening to me today. It seems you didn’t like me coming here." Her strange behavior towards Sky was very evident and others also criticized it.

Next to enter the Bigg Boss house was Sachin Shroff, Juhi Parmar's husband. She welcomed him with the biggest hug possible. As Juhi's birthday is close, Sachin brought many gifts for her. The excitement of being together was visible on their faces.

Sky is very close to his sister Madhu and often talks about her on the show. She brought in a lot of positivity in the house. Madhu tried to sort out things between Sid and Sky, something no one in the house has ever attempted. She also brought gifts for Sky’s best friends Sunny Leone and Juhi.

Shonali Nagrani was elated to see her boy friend Shiraz Bhattacharya in the house. She was expecting her parents to be there. She thought Shiraz will not meet her on national television. After sharing a few cozy moments together, Shiraz told Shonali that she is going great in the show. He also said, "You should not have said anything about Amar Upadhyay as he's a married man." Sometime back, Shonali told Sid that she doesn’t like the way Amar talks and touches her at times.

Amar's wife walked into the 'Bigg Boss' house with a box of chocolates and a card for him. More than talking about their personal life, Hetal was busy passing on the Bigg Boss house gossip to Amar. She was the only guest who upset Bigg Boss by talking in English. Thanks to their respective families, all the contestants got an insight on what’s the game plan of other housemates. This will obviously cause some more friction between them.

The guests who visited Bigg Boss house on day 71 were asked to nominate two contestants for eviction. Amar and Shonali got the maximum votes. Now, one of them will be evicted this week.

first published:December 13, 2011, 12:16 IST
last updated:December 13, 2011, 12:16 IST