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First Cut: 'Apartment' fails to impress

First Cut: 'Apartment' fails to impress

The film has nothing new to offer

Apartment reminds us constantly of the films made in the 90's, albeit with a more recent subject.Had the film explored a little more in terms of research work rather than skimming it from the top, it would have been more effective and made an interesting watch.

Jagmohan Mundra's Apartment talks about Preeti Sengupta (Tanushree Dutta) who is an air hostess by profession. The film focuses on her and her problems with roommates. Initially she decides to share the apartment with her boyfriend, Karan Malhotra (Rohit Roy) which becomes convenient for the two of them. The only other occupant on the floor is the next door neighbour, Mr Madhusudan Tanha (Anupam Kher) who lives with Shehzadi his cat.

Unfortunately for Karan, Preeti happens to be a very insecure person who has a lot of trust issues. She doubts Karan at any and every instance she gets. One day, Preeti catches Karan with another woman and throws him out of the apartment.

Soon Preeti is on a lookout for another roommate to share the rent. After a dozen interviews she comes across Neha Bhardwaj (Neetu Chandra) a small town girl who has come to Mumbai in order to find herself a job. Preeti soon takes to Neha and her simple ways while Neha is awed by Preeti's style quotient. While Preeti and Neha bond, Karan tries hard to convince Preeti of his true love for her.

Finally, Karan and Preeti decide to put their differences aside and come together with the help of Mr Tanha. But someone is not happy about the new developments; Neha gets flustered when she learns that Preeti no longer wants her as roommate. Neha begins to show flashes of her disturbed self. Will Neha leave without a word or would she make matters worse? That's for you to find out.

The few things you may like in the film: Jagmohan manages to catch the right tone of the film and keeps it very simple. Neetu Chandra gives a good performance without question. She emotes well, reacts well and looks good. Rohit portrays the perfect boyfriend that makes you wishful. The film propagates that no matter what you sell, sex sells better and explains it well. They show a good range of night gowns throughout the film.

A little more than few minus points: Tanushree Dutta delivers a terrible performance which is far from convincing. The music of the film is outdated and very B-C grade. The couple breaks out into singing and dance session when it's just not needed. There is no chemistry between Rohit and Tanushree. Although, scenes where the couple are making out would make you want to giggle.

The film has the ugliest item number ever made. It does not offer anything new. Any anticipation of high points in the film would be a waste of time as the film doesn't have any. Apartment fails to keep you engaged and doesn't impress much.

Verdict: Don't waste your time

Rating: Below Average