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From Cancer to Infection, Kamdhenu Has Cow Urine-based 'Solution' For All

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From Cancer to Infection, Kamdhenu-manufactured cow urine-based products have solution for every disease.

New Delhi: After the success of Ramdev's Patanjali and Ravi Shankar's Sri Sri Products, another Ayurveda brand — Kamdhenu — is in the works, with a USP of making only cow-based products.

"Cow is the divine goddess of plenty. Our products are based on its milk, urine and dung," said Rajendra Prasad, director of Mathura-based Deen Dayal Dham.

Inspired by RSS ideologue Deen Dayal Upadhyay, the organisation's products are currently available in various offices affiliated to the Sangh Parivar, said Prasad. Cow urine is one of the main and common ingredients in most products, he added.

"We are using cow milk, and we also use cow urine to make medicines for curing cancer and infections. We will start work on cow urine medicines meant for improving the farm produce for which experiments are already being carried out," said Prasad.

Apart from medicines, Kamdhenu product line includes soaps (made of cow urine, sandalwood and multani mitti), face packs, mosquito coils and incense sticks. He added that people should not look at cow urine from a western scientific lens, but from that of Ayurveda and spirituality.

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As of now, our laboratory makes medicines from cow urine procured from our own gaushala. "We make three kinds of medicines from cow urine — Tulsi ark (Rs 60 for 500 ml), Herbal ark (Rs 70 500 ml) and Ganvati tablet," he said.

Deen Dayal Dham is going to start Kisan Gai Palan project to commercialise the use of cow. "A cow gives five liters of urine each day, we will be procuring it from the farmers and pay them in return so that they do not feel the burden of cows that stop giving milk. The farmers should feel that cow is useful commercially also," he added.

Does Kamdhenu stand a chance in front of Ramdev's Patanjali, which now has a product range as big as Unilever and Procter and Gamble? There is no competition, said Prasad. "Patanjali buys cow medicines from us. We work in coordination. There are days when we just sit and discuss things. Ramdev has a bigger market but we had started making these products long before he came into the picture," said Prasad.

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first published:June 12, 2017, 18:14 IST