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Future unsure for cash-starved 'Shuttlecock Boys'

By: Rohit Vats


Last Updated: January 10, 2012, 13:48 IST

Future unsure for cash-starved 'Shuttlecock Boys'

The struggle has become three years old but the hopes are high. The hard work has bagged some more projects.

New Delhi: Performing art not only needs talent and chance but also the passion to excel. In fact, most of the times it's the passion which sails a struggler through the high tides. The story of the cast and crew of upcoming Bollywood film 'Shuttlecock Boys' is a tale of hope and patience.

Made with a shoestring budget, 'Shuttlecock Boys' is written and directed by Hemant Gaba, a man who was trapped in 9 to 6 corporate job for almost seven years. Gaba recalls the past," I was working in the software industry like any other good guy but the monotony was killing my will to become a successful entrepreneur. However the long list of problems was next to impossible to sort out. First of all, I didn't have the business background, secondly was the money required to start a new venture."

Somehow the new venture began and it was something not even remotely related to the software business. They say that the struggle has its own charm but is this true. Hemant speaks about it," I have grown in the streets of Delhi so it all zeroed down to a story where the characters and names were inspired from the real lives. Unfortunately my savings dried up before the post production stage but my parents gave me the money to keep the hopes alive. You can understand the plight of taking money from parents at the age of 30, something that I hadn't done since I became 21."

Gaba's 'Shuttlecock Boys' revolves around four Delhi boys who want to make it big in life by starting something of their own. So the boys had to be there alongside Hemant to survive through the tough patch. Aakar Kaushik, one of the four lead actors of the film says," I didn't think of becoming an actor till I took admission in a film school. Being in front of the camera gave me more thrill than being behind it. Then one day I came in contact with Hemant and got floored by his passionate narration style."

Manish Nawani, another of the four boys, supports Kaushik," My uncle was into production and my family had a good film library so the basic idea about the films developed in the initial years only."

Similar to Aakar Kaushik, he was also driven into the project by Hemant's persona. However they were not conveyed the difficulties. Hemant explains," Nobody buys independent films, that too with non-actors."

So what's the scene now?

'Shuttlecock Boys' is expected to hit screens in March/April of this year with the help of some 'kind hearted' distributors. The film has been showcased at ten major film festivals so far and that's what gave distributors the confidence to back the project.

Nobody knows the future but Hemant is working on another script and Aakar Kaushik has just finished an international project. He is also working in filmmaker Priyaom Jha's 'Perfect Narangi' and Anand Sivakumaran's 'Money Devo Bhava'.

Thanks to the potential of small screen, Manish Nawani has become a known face. Navani is also excited about his lead role in 'Perfect Narangi' where his character has different shades," I am playing a voyeuristic guy who falls in love with a girl while finding the truth about his father."

The struggle has become three years old but the hopes are high. The hard work has bagged some more projects. The next three year may turn the tides in favour of the indomitable spirits.

first published:January 10, 2012, 13:48 IST
last updated:January 10, 2012, 13:48 IST