Good News for Those Missing 'Adda' Sessions in Kolkata as Iconic Coffee House Reopens Today

Iconic Kolkata Coffee House reopens.

Iconic Kolkata Coffee House reopens.

The coffee house located at 15, Bankim Chatterjee Street was closed on March 20 as a preventive measure to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Sujit Nath
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The Kolkata's iconic Coffee House, most favoured place for ‘adda’ session for young and intellectuals re-opened on Thursday after it was closed due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Located at 15, Bankim Chatterjee Street, the Coffee House was closed on March 20 as a preventive measure to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country.

“Recently, we held a meeting and decided to re-open the Coffee House while following all the norms of the state government and the World Health Organisation (WHO). So far the response is very good as Coffee House lovers are calling and inquiring about the timing and menu we are offering,” Secretary, Coffee House Social Service Association, Achintha Laha told News 18.

“We are starting our service today with 30 staffs. Initially, we are offering our famous Coffee (both cold and hot), scrambled egg, butter toast, boiled egg. We have also opened the Jadavpur Coffee House today. The timing will be from 111 am to 6 PM,” he added.

As a precaution, only 24-25 tables across two floors would be placed, not more than 100 customers would be allowed at a time and social distancing norms will be strictly followed.

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“We have arranged the tables in such a way so that there should not be any violation of social distancing among the visitors and our staff. The entire building was sanitised properly and staff will be placing the order with full safety gears,” Laha said.

The history of Coffee House at College Street can be traced to Albert Hall, which was founded in April 1876. After 66 years, the Coffee Board decided to start a joint from the Albert Hall in 1942. Among the Coffee House's renowned past and present patrons include Bengali poets, authors, painters, scholars and filmmakers.

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