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Gossip: Why Jiah Khan got the boot

Gossip: Why Jiah Khan got the boot

It seems like Aamir is not the only one to be miffed with Jiah Khan.

Jiah Khan - that silly girl - has some knack of getting into trouble oh so often. Remember the time she had rubbed Aamir Khan the wrong way by speaking to the media about her role in Ghajini?

Well it seems like Aamir is not the only one to be miffed with Jiah, after all. A little birdie tells me that director Ken Ghosh was so angry with Jiah during the making of his latest that he promptly showed her the door!

Apparently Jiah and Ken Ghosh were beginning to get rather friendly on the sets of this film Yahoo that Ken is directing. The two had shot together about 60 per cent of the film when things began to sour.

Jiah, I am told, began to take her 'friendship' with Ken for granted. So she'd turn up late for the shoot, throw a tantrum if she didn't want to do something, demand changes in her dialogues and what not...

Things reached a head when unit members began to actually wonder aloud about who the director of the film was - Ken or Jiah!

Ken, it seems, had cast Jiah against much opposition. For one, the star of his film Shahid Kapoor was not in favour of her. She'd already pi**ed him off by sending some rather silly SMSes. Yet the gentleman Shahid remained quiet and let Ken – his first director – do his job.

Finally, one fine day Jiah crossed all limits and openly laughed at the debacle of Ken's last film Fida (also starring Shahid Kapoor). That, seemingly, was the last straw on the camel's back and Jiah Khan was out of the film – despite having shot for over a Month!

I'm not sure what Ken's doing these days. But I'm quite certain that Genelia, who's replaced Jiah, is saying Yahoo!

first published:April 09, 2009, 22:07 IST