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Guj: security for Parzania screening

Guj: security for <i>Parzania</i> screening

Chairperson of the Censor Board says cinema halls screening Parzania in Gujarat could be given a security cover.

New Delhi: In what comes as a step forward for all those rallying for the screening of Parzania in Gujarat, Chairperson of the Censor Board Sharmila Tagore on Thursday said that all cinema halls screening the film in the state could be given a security cover.

Directed and produced by Rahul Dholakia, Parzania is the story of a young boy Azhar who went missing during the Gujarat riots in 2002.

The film was released across India on January 26. However, the Gujarat Multiplex Owner’s Association has refused to show Parzania as it fears that its screening would trigger vandalism.

"Except for Munnabhai, where the astrologers didn't go on strike for some reason and there was no PIL, every film, even for Paheli, we had to go to court because they said it was promoting superstition," PTI quoted Tagore as saying.

The Censor Board Chief added that a lot of money has been put into its distribution of the film and it would go waste if the film was banned from being screened in the state.

Earlier, Gujarat Multiplex Owners Association vice president Mahendra Goswami said that the body’s decision to hold back Parzania from the being shown in the state’s theatres was because “the general public can be disturbed” by it.