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Hanuman: the journey of a mythical superhero

Hanuman: the journey of a mythical superhero

Bollywood is slowly waking up to the art of animation movies.

New Delhi: From his days as an adorable, miracle-working baby, to his ultimate triumph in Lord Rama?s army, this animated classic promises to be a great watch.

The film is about the extraordinary journey of the life of Hanuman from the time when he was born to Anjani, a nymph and Kesari the king of Monkeys to his eventual triumph in the army of Lord Ram.

As a baby, Hanuman was blessed with immortal life, supreme intelligence, strength and divine powers. Due to the powers bestowed upon him, he was safe from all weapons, fire and water.

The movie talks about all the exceptional feats that he displayed and the pranks that he played on everyone in his childhood.

Directed by V.G.Samant, the movie boast 100 minutes of world-class animation, 40 characters and 200,000 individual images.

The voice for Hanuman has been given by actor Mukesh Khanna.

This is the first full-fledged animation movie on the subject and has been produced by Sahara Motion Pictures in association with Percept Pictures Company.

The animation is a novel experience for Indian moviegoers and the narrative has the power to keep people hooked to the proceedings for the entire 90 minutes.

first published:October 21, 2005, 16:58 IST