Happy Diwali 2019: How to Take Care of Pets, Stray Animals on Deepavali

Photo for representation.

Photo for representation.

Every year as we celebrate Diwali, thousands of animals and birds are left frightened because of the noise of crackers.

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The festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour across India. People burst crackers, light diyas or earthen lamps to celebrate the festival or decorate their houses with shimmers and incandescence.

Diwali 2019 will be celebrated across the country on Sunday (October 27). But as we celebrate Diwali and burst crackers we should ensure that our celebrations turn out to be misery for other living beings.

Every year as we celebrate Diwali, thousands of animals and birds are left frightened because of the noise of crackers. The high decibel of firecrackers hurt the ears of animals as well as birds. Not just sound, but light and smoke emitted by crackers also disturb these birds and animals.

If you have a pet you will know how they get scared, anxious, confused and start to panic with the sound of crackers. They start to hide in a place where they can avoid hearing the noise of crackers being burst outside. They even avoid eating food or step out for a walk in fear.

The pets as well as stray animals and birds start shivering in fear, lose their appetite, become aggressive, salivate, and defecate inside the house, among others. The hearing capacity of animals is more sensitive than that of human. The hearing range of animals, like dogs, is approximately 40 Hz (hertz) to 60 Hz.

Stray animals are largely affected as during the day of Diwali, they witness a sudden change in the surrounding with loud noise of fireworks and crackers.

To ensure that animals and pets are not disturbed by our celebration of Diwali, here is what people as well as pet owners should follow:

- Request children and people in your neighbourhood to burst crackers in an open field instead of doing the same in the society.

- Urge people to avoid or to burst crackers which emit less smoke and does not create much noise.

- Pet owners should take their pets to a veterinarian and get an anti-anxiety shot to help them keep calm hearing sound of high-decibel crackers.

- Pet owners should keep their pets indoors in a quiet and familiar room where there the sound of crackers is not heard that loud.

- Owners can also cover as well as protect the ears of their pets with cotton or a quilt so that they don't panic hearing the noise of crackers.

- Ensure that your pet is hydrated as hearing the noise causes a lot of anxiety among the animals as well as birds.

- Pet owners should keep the windows shut and curtains drawn to restrict sounds and mask flashes from fireworks to come in.

- Also, people bursting crackers should ensure that the burnt crackers are not lying on the ground. Animals and birds might step or may sniff or eat them which will be injurious to their health.

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