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Harendra accuses Pargat of match-fixing

Harendra accuses Pargat of match-fixing

Harendra also said that Pargat was never known for discipline during his playing days.

New Delhi: Harendra Singh, who was replaced as India coach by Australian Michael Nobbs, on Thursday hit out at former captain and his team mate Pargat Singh, saying that he has very little to show as an international except "fixing matches".

Harendra told information syndicate NNIS that Pargat, who is now chairman of Hockey India's (HI) development committee, has done nothing good for Indian hockey.

"He was the only captain who led India in two Olympics and we have not won a single medal. He is the only captain who had allegations of match fixing against him in hockey. He was the man who went onto the ground and asked the players not to score the goal and today he is talking about the welfare of hockey, it's very sad," said Harendra.

"And the sad part of this is that every one knows about it, even then they have given full command to him. He has ruined hockey and I am sorry to use this word. I have seen how Dhanraj Pillay has fought since 1987 till date and Pargat has ignored his contribution and has always worked for his own benefits," he said.

Harendra also said that Pargat, who was the captain in the 1992 Barcelona and 1996 Atlanta Games, was never known for discipline during his playing days.

"Today he is talking about discipline but he was the first person to leave the camp during his playing days. He was the first person in 1990 to go on strike and himself appointed the captain," said the former India coach.

"All those men who are working with him are doing nothing. No one can forget 1992, 1996 Olympics, 1990 World Cup. He was the man who has asked only for two full backs. There are numerous allegations against him. And today he is working for the development of hockey," said Harendra.

Harendra also blasted HI for roping in Pargat.

"If Pargat has to take every decision then what is HI there for. HI should shut their shop and government should start supporting Pargat. His vision can only ruin Indian hockey. Until people like Dhanraj are involved, nothing can happen. No one has bothered to ask him (Dhanraj) how can you contribute to Indian hockey. It's very sad," he said.

first published:August 18, 2011, 23:18 IST