Here are the Key Takeaways From PM Modi’s Speech at News18 Rising India Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at the News18 Rising India Summit in New Delhi on Friday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at the News18 Rising India Summit in New Delhi on Friday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday gave an extensive presentation of his vision for the country in his keynote speech. Here are the top things he said.

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday gave an extensive presentation of his vision for the country and his government’s achievements at the News18 Rising India Summit in New Delhi. From sanitation to defence, healthcare to economy, the Prime Minister touched upon all the major sectors and what his administration plans to do for them. His basic mantra, he said, was to break silos to derive solutions for growth.

Here are the top things he said:

On Rising India

Rising India signifies growing, moving forward in life. What is Rising India, is it just about the economy, GDP, foreign investments, etc? For me, it means the rise of the self-respect of the 1.2 billion population of the entire nation.

On Tough Decisions

Our government has taken decisions that were proposed decades ago but kept in files. We implemented old laws that had been passed decades ago. We were able to take the big decisions because of people’s trust in us. There is a transformation shift in India because of citizens and their will to dream.

On Act East Policy

People who think Act East is only a gimmick for votes are people I believe cut off from the country and the minds of its people. When I say east, it also includes Bengal, Odisha and other parts of eastern India. This region has been bereft of development for too long. It has been left behind in the race for development. When the North East goes from isolation to integration, it will truly lead to a Rising India

On Electrification

We are now moving from power failures to becoming power surplus. Our dream of one nation, one grid is becoming a reality. There was a time when the power ministry, renewable energy ministry and the coal ministry did not know what the other was doing. Now they are working as one unit. We have electrified over 16,000 of the 18,000 villages in the country that did not have electricity since 1947.

On Ujjwala Scheme

Ujjwala is not just changing cooking, it is changing the picture of millions of families. We have undertaken many initiatives to improve availability of nutritious food to women and children in India. Only if they eat well will they be healthy.

On Healthcare

Healthcare has been a primary focus of the government. Our effort has been no silos, only solutions. It needs to be preventive, but it also needs to be affordable. We have addressed this issue as well; over 3,000 public health clinics have been started across the country since we came to power.

On Swachh Bharat

We know very well that a healthy life cannot be led without cleanliness. In the last four years, we have doubled the number of public toilets to around 13 crore toilets. Sanitation coverage in India has gone up from 38% to 80%.

On Economy

People now really believe that in the 21st century, India will be able to break loose of its shackles and baggage and move forward. In 2014, our tax system was viewed as unfriendly but now that is changing. GST has now eased the tax burden for a lot of people. We are performing extremely well on all economic indicators as a country. India is now contributing nearly 7 times the amount it contributed earlier to the world economy

On Global Outreach

Compared to 2014, almost double the number of heads of state and senior foreign dignitaries now visit India. India is now a part of various global defence alliances and has now started repeatedly raising the subject of terrorism, black money and corruption at international forums.

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