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Hospital accused of infecting HIV to kids given clean chit

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Last Updated: February 10, 2010, 12:30 IST

Hospital accused of infecting HIV to kids given clean chit

The kids had allegedly contacted HIV during transfusion at Umaid Hospital.

Jodhpur: A report submitted to the Government on Tuesday on HIV infection of five Thalassemic children allegedly during blood transfusion at a hospital in Jodhpur has virtually given a clean chit to the facility, saying the infection might have happened from elsewhere.

The SN Medical College has sent a detailed report to the government on the incident, which had come to light when the blood of a child was tested in the microbiology lab of the medical college.

The children had allegedly contacted the disease during blood transfusion at Umaid Hospital. This was disclosed during a Thelisemic camp last year.

Taking cognizance of the issue, the Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society had sought a detailed report from the hospital. The medical college was asked to look into the issue

as the Umaid hospital comes under its jurisdiction.

D B Gupta, the acting principal of the medical college, who sent the report to government, said "we have mentioned in the report that we follow the standardized and NACO-certified parameters in our hospitals and the chances of getting the

children infected with the HIV in the process are the least."

"There is a greater chance that they might have contacted the deadly virus elsewhere as a Thelisemic patient many a time gets treatment outside hospital or there are a number of other reasons of infection in the children."

D R Dabi, the Superintendent of the Umaid Hospital, said the blood transfusion took place about a year back and that there was little chance of contacting the disease from the hospital as the process of blood test is NACO-certified.

However, he has not denied possibility of infection saying the hospital lacked advanced PCR technique for tests.

first published:February 10, 2010, 12:30 IST
last updated:February 10, 2010, 12:30 IST