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Horoscope 2021: Prosperity, Success for Sagittarius; Know Your Predictions for the New Year

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The year is likely to make a Capricorn introspective of actions and may prompt you to make adjustments which may decide the actions in future of your actions.

Aries: This year your long standing ambitions could finally come to fulfilment. In matters of love and relationship, you will find blessing in positive cosmic energy. A zeal will spark your thoughts and vibrations. Overall, your mental, physical and emotional competence will remain high.

Taurus: 2021 will help your professional and personal growth. On the whole, this year the developments will support you in healthy living. Your relationship and bonding with others will be strengthened by positive vibrations. You will also have to learn the value of commitment and you must be cautious against mood swings.

Gemini: The year will start things afresh putting an end to old issues. You will be grateful as there may be good progress on the health front. During the year, some past ailments are likely to get treated. When seeking credit assistance, restrict it to your requirements.

Cancer: The year might not kick off on a great note. You may come across many challenges which may get really difficult to deal with. The transit of Saturn in Capricorn will make it difficult for you to sail through. However, as the time progresses, things are likely to take a turn for the better for you. There are chances of accomplishing moderate to high success in different areas of life.


Leo: Some significant decisions you take could impact the flow of your life. You must strive to become more flexible and avoid being rigid in your approach. Try to ensure that you are not overly emotional or impulsive. You have the ability to emerge from tough times bravely.

Virgo: This year you will find a positive flow in your pursuits and a surge in your enthusiasm. You will also develop a renewed interest in life. You will have to be careful when things start moving in the right direction as some carelessness could prove expensive. Overall, this will be a good year on the personal and the career front.

Libra: 2021 could turn out to be the most successful year for you. Planetary dual-energy will improve the benevolence in your life and bring stability and peace at home. Monetary appreciation and recognition will keep you encouraged. The year will be great for you if you are opting for higher education. You will be able to focus and enhance your skills.

Scorpio: The year 2021 could yield mixed results for you individually. You are likely to be more energetic and courageous with the passage of time. You may find progress this year as you are clear what you want to achieve and determined. Many good opportunities could surface for financial gains and may give long term returns. Your peers would be admiring you for your tenacity and steady focus on your goals.

Sagittarius: 2021 will see prosperity, success, and fortune manifest across for you. Your higher studies may be fulfilling and you will also realize luck is here to stay. You are most likely to spend planning your activities during the first quarter of the year. Energy levels and enthusiasm will be high. You will relish the effect of planning and execution for the rest of the year.

Capricorn: The year is likely to make you introspective of actions and may prompt you to make adjustments which may decide the actions in future of your actions. The decisions you take and fulfill will decide the outcome for you this year. It is advised for you to make a decision towards the right direction and then take action.

Aquarius: The year could bring in more experience than usual. The first quarter could have some tension and challenges in store. Your activities may not go along with your planning which might add to stress and lead to some disappointment. You could start seeing expansion in your life in areas of finance, romance, profession and the progress will make you happy. There may be occasions when you see continuous and steady rise in expenditure. You might see a steady rise from the second half of the year.

Pisces: The year can bring mixed-results for you during the initial months. Based on your efforts your desire may be fulfilled which will make you feel confident. The start of the year is likely to see robust house gains and increase in financial status. You will save more for the dry days and the flow of income will become stable to meet the expenditure. This year, ensure that you are guarded and prepared against a sudden spike in expenditure.

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