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Horoscope, February 11: Here is What the Stars Have in Store for You Today

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Here is what you should know before starting your day on Thursday.

Aries: You will face a flurry of problems at work and home. People will be understanding a limit but not forgiving of the delays caused by these unexpected situations.

Taurus: It will start as a frustrating day as you will receive blame for situations that weren’t your fault. But long-standing messes will get clarified by the evening. Don’t let your confidence fail.

Gemini: It will be a self-less day as most of your time will be spent analysing others’ problems. You will be at the receiving end of a lot of love and appreciation.

Cancer: An emotionally fulfilling day lies ahead as you will have a heart-to-heart with your partner about expectations from life. Support from one another will make the heavy conversation go easier.


Leo: Expect good returns on investments. But the day is poor for relationships as you will be disappointed by children and family members. Keep emotional expectations minimal.

Virgo: You are not easily deceived and the day will reveal many real faces behind friendly masks. An important presentation at work will have you working on speaking skills.

Libra: Those in government jobs will have a beneficial day today. Expect reward for your performance. A romantic evening with partner or an impromptu date is on the cards.

Scorpio: You need to free yourself off the negativity surrounding you in order to work better together with the team. Trust people to do their job and don’t micromanage, it sours team-comraderies.

Sagittarius: You will be in a very lazy mood today and will carry this lazy energy even into the office. Try to stay focussed and revive yourself with some music.

Capricorn: A dilemma about business expansion will leave you in a stressful mood all day. Trust your years of experience and gut feeling to choose the right way forward.

Aquarius: You might need to reinforce goals as team morale is going down. But be careful in maintaining civility aspositive reinforcement is the way to go.

Pisces: It is easy to let someone else take control and feel free. Do not let control pass from your hands, today will be crucial in fulfilling an important project with long-term effects on your career.