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Horoscope for February 13: Know What the Stars Have in Store for You

Horoscope For Today

Horoscope For Today

News 18 brings to you the horoscope for today, know what is in store for you.

Aries: Today you may find an opportunity to use your knowledge and leave everyone behind you. Students from science and technology especially will excel in their studies. Homemakers may also stir up an interesting and never tried before recipe in the kitchen.

Taurus: Nostalgia will make your workplace bright and energetic today. You will be deflecting all the problems that life throws at you by your tough exterior and efficient capabilities. Expect awards and accolades to beckon as you emerge a winner.

Gemini: You will find a way to outsource all the activities for the day and even eliminate some from your routine. You will devote a great amount of time to meditation. You may feel anxious due to the health of a family member.

Cancer: You will be savouring the positive aspects in your life. You are likely to find yourself at the end of your acuity. If there have been clashes and private quarrels with your partner lately, better sit together and talk it out.


Leo: Time is money and it's about moment for you to realise its value. Set everything to a schedule and break down your tasks to the brass tacks. If personal organiser is not an option, then a diary and a calendar work just fine.

Virgo: Creativity is your best bullet and communication is your best handgun. You are filled with energy, exuberance and enthusiasm. In an atmosphere free of pressure and strain, creativity will prevail at its best.

Libra: Stars foresee that extremely minute things could be a source of trouble today. You shall also be receptive to new ideas, so do not let your spirit dampen. Maintain an even balance and allow for things to be absorbed by you and this may produce wonderful results.

Scorpio: Your colleagues and bosses may offer you half-hearted support and not warm up to you. Novices in the early stages of their career may look forward to delayed success in interviews or final selection.

Sagittarius: You may forge new friendships and that too with some like-minded people today. You shall discuss a great deal in issues like attitude, beliefs and values. Those who agree with you will share their opinions and ideas and cast them in a new mold.

Capricorn: Lack of confidence and truckload of pending work may leave you glum today. However, by evening, your sullen mood is likely to turn jovial. Socializing with friends and relatives will turn out to be fun.

Aquarius: You may feel inhibited by future plans but it's important that you live in the present to take advantage of the cosmic energy which eventually manifests your dreams. Your generous spirit at work will add to the goodwill you already have amassed.

Pisces: Making a to-do list today will help you to gain a realistic perspective of all that you want to get done and all that you can achieve in the stipulated time. Avoid coming up with unreasonable demands as it will only lead to further delays.

first published:February 13, 2021, 07:58 IST