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Horoscope for February 21: Taurus Must Keep Their Anger in Control, Aries Need to Focus on Finances

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Here is your horoscope for February 21.

Aries: You are urged to focus on your finances and savings today and should not cancel any plans to go out and enjoy.

Taurus: You might enter or cause a conflict because of your possessiveness. You are advised to keep your anger under the carpet to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Gemini: The day will not prove to be productive for you however you will get to spend plenty of quality time with yourself in the afternoon. You can also feel a little extra sensitive by evening.

Cancer: You are most likely to get success, much to the delight of your colleagues at work and loved ones back home. However, if you are a beginner at something, you can face problems in your new venture.

Leo: You will be surrounded by troubles today. Some people around you can try to blow things out of proportion and the best way you can keep them in check is with a smile.

Virgo: You will pursue innovation and creativity today. Luck will also favour you today and even those things that you took a risk on may lean your way. You will feel passionate and energised for all that you undertake.

Libra: There is a strong possibility of major improvements in your public standing and image today but it all depends on your personal character. Those who seek to malign your reputation will get disappointment.

Scorpio: The day will be exceptional for those involved in the business. You will steel deals with sheer brilliance and will display great finesse in negotiations and bartering. You are advised to take charge and bring out the leader in you when you introduce new products or market them in business.

Sagittarius: You will be a bit confused throughout the day thinking if to do or not to. You will find yourself at the crossroads where you will be unsure of which direction to take. Controversies will also find their way to surround you. You are advised to take proper guidance from the experienced.

Capricorn: Fortune will be at your side today. You can expect a profitable deal in stocks and shares.

Aquarius: You will be loaded with new ideas today and will give your best in a team coming up with great schemes and solutions. You are also going to impress people at gatherings and social dos with amazing social grace.

Pisces: You are advised to deal with your problems and find solutions to petty conflicts without losing your perspective rather than running away.