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Horoscope for January 20: Know What The Stars Have in Store for You Today

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Last Updated: January 20, 2021, 16:15 IST

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Read to know what is in store for you today.

Aries: Someone will try to communicate their thoughts to you, however, you will have to be patient because the person will not be able to explain the situation clearly.

Taurus: Finances will require your attention and it is important that you take steps to resolve the matter. Once that is done, you can spend the rest of the day enjoying it.

Gemini: Your ability to understand the emotions of people will be severely compromised today. This will bother you, however, this state is temporary and you will be back to your usual self soon.

Cancer: Today, you will be more inclined to listen to others than speak about yourself. You will try to look for a reason for this behaviour, however, you will not find any.

Leo: You will be trying to help a friend today who is reluctant to share their problems with you. Be patient and let this friend share their thoughts with you whenever they feel it is the right time.

Virgo: A new development in your life will force you into the limelight. People will expect you to entertain them, however, avoid social gatherings if you want to.

Libra: This is a good day to collect information about spiritual or metaphysical concepts. It is best to analyse this information than trying to straightaway find a solution.

Scorpio: A number of new ideas will keep you engaged today. Write down your thoughts to make sense of them. Don’t reject this information as it might prove to be useful.

Sagittarius: There is something that will bother your partner but they would not be willing to share their concerns with you. It is best to not push them.

Capricorn: A friend who is living far away will experience some health-related issues. This will bother you throughout the day. Call this friend and see how you can help them from afar.

Aquarius: Your intuitive ability will be at an all-time high today and you will be able to understand the emotions of others. Don’t let this opportunity pass as it will bring you closer to people.

Pisces: Your day will be spent in managing repair work at home. Bring in an expert who can make a plan to improve the condition of your house.

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