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Horoscope for March 10: Find Out What The Stars Have in Store For You



Read here to know what the stars have in store for you on Wednesday.

Aries: A wonderful day ahead. You will meet people who will prove trustworthy in future. To be able to think and work perfectly, you will have to remain your practical self with head-on-shoulders.

Taurus: You will strike a balance between your personal and professional life. You will be lagging behind in the race to achieve your goals, but the result will not be disappointing. An auspicious day to start new projects and undertake business deals.

Gemini: You will have a tendency to act possessive about your belongings. You may join personality development courses to reach your ultimate goals. Some mishappening is likely to throw you off guard but there is more to life.

Cancer: You may have a way with words, sometimes it can be a problem as your words tend to pull some strings. Try to be and make the concerned woman or master puppeteer in your case, happy.

Leo: You may play the spiritual card today. It is a day when you are likely to opt for religious scriptures to satiate your desire in order to attain the intangible. Spend time meditating and you will be amazed at the consequential contemplation.

Virgo: Don't be ignorant when it comes to matters of health. You look mean and lean to take on those old wounds. But today, peace and prosperity are the picks of the day. Get those batteries charged by investing time in fun and entertainment.

Libra: A wistful day ahead of you and when it comes to wanting to have a better future, it will be like the good day in the summer. A sea of change can be expected in your outlook, courtesy your partner's noble gesture.

Scorpio: Your friends and soulmate will bring you much calm today. Spend a great deal of time with them. Romantic escapades and blood relation bonds from the purest virtue will become your strength today.

Sagittarius: Tempers will fly today and you need to rein in your anger by the leash of restraint. When the buck stops, dig your feet in and fight the crunch situation.

Capricorn: Your intellectual ability will not just yield outstanding results for you but will also aid your close associates who will see a great deal of progress in their career because of your advice.

Aquarius: A romantic liaison is making way towards you. You obviously don’t want to get caught dead in an old tee. You wish to keep everyone around you happy and amused and you manage wonderfully.

Pisces: Spiritual pursuits will keep you busy. You should learn thy neighbour is a mantra you will opt for to make important moves. You may also visit places of religious significance.

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