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Horoscope for March 30: A jittery day for Taurus Today; See what your Sun Sign Says

Know your horoscope of the day (Image by Shutterstock)

Know your horoscope of the day (Image by Shutterstock)

Horoscope March 30: Find-out how the day will be for you depending upon your horoscope.

Aries: A romantic link-up may happen today. Be prepared and dress up for the occasion. You never know what the evening has in store for you.

Taurus: Jittery moment and lingering worry abound today. You may feel that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. But remember that every night has a dawn.

Gemini: You will meet someone special. You are kind and considerate but need to understand that it’s okay to spend a little on comforts and entertainment too.

Cancer: Today, you will be trying new things at work. Your new strategy and innovative ideas will give a new lease of life to the projects you are working on. However, you need to take a break from work in the evening and relax at home.


Leo: To achieve success today you will have to believe in yourself and your abilities. Remain cheerful and you will see your hardships disappear as you tackle them flawlessly.

Virgo: Business and pleasure will be well balanced. Your monetary outflow will be in direct proportion to the time you spend just lazing around. You are advised to spend sensibly.

Libra: For businessmen, today will be a good day as any work that you undertake, your vision and ability will be showcased. You will have to spend more time at your workplace though. Try and maintain a balance between your work and family.

Scorpio: Financial instability may cloud your mind today but there can be a brighter side too. Long overdue payments might get encashed today. Business too might pay handsome rewards.

Sagittarius: Today your day will have a lot of physical activity and a tiring day is in store for you. But late in the day, a nice quiet time with family and friends would relieve you of all the stress.

Capricorn: Colleagues will motivate and guide you while you take up new projects and assignments. Those of you who wish to change their current job, better wait for a while as times are not favouring you.

Aquarius: If you’re stuck indoors today, make the most of it. Go old school and unwind away from your screens. Shake yourself a bit, and you’ll come up with creative ways to spend a leisurely day.

Pisces: You will be busy today socializing with the select few that you love to spend time. The day will be spent with leisure-filled activities.

first published:March 30, 2021, 09:16 IST