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Horoscope for March 31: Leo to Spend Lots of Money Today; See What Your Sun Sign Says

(Image: Shutterstock)

(Image: Shutterstock)

Horoscope Today: Check out daily astrological prediction for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio of all signs

Aries: Spending a good time with your loved ones today will take up the major part of your day. Learn to play some musical instruments as it will help you to express emotions.

Taurus: Keep your eyes and ears open today as troubles may head your way. You will be ruled by your spontaneity yet sincerity throughout the day.

Gemini: The lady luck will bless your day. Expressing your feelings will come easy to you today.

Cancer: The day will bring you harmonious relationships with your friends and relatives. Steer clear of your troubles.


Leo: There are chances that you will incur a lot of wasteful expenditures today. Think twice before you spend extravagantly.

Virgo: You will be balancing business and entertainment equally well today. Check your expenses as expenditure on partying will empty your wallet.

Libra: You will desire to look and feel good today, attracting people with your speech and impressive personality.

Scorpio: You can face certain issues in your relationship today. Try adding a new dimension to the way you approach relationships.

Sagittarius: Aboost of confidence is required in people around you. Your business is set to zoom and a fair share of profits are in the offing.

Capricorn: Connecting to your older friends will be desired as you will be filled with nostalgia today.

Aquarius: The day will bring you lots of work no matter in what profession you are. Go out and enjoy the dinner with your friends and family in the evening.

Pisces: You will be able to overcome all the obstacles with the help of your high spirit, enthusiasm and innate confidence. The day will end on a cheerful note no matter how troubled it starts.