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Horoscope for March 8: Find Out What The Stars Have in Store for You



Here is how Monday, March 8, will turn out for you.

Aries: Today is the day to wear your power suit as you will finally be reaping the benefits of your hard work. If you notice people bending and bowing a bit, understand that your hard work has paid off! If not, then you need to get more organised.

Taurus: Today you may not feel that competitive streak in you as you look to be relaxed and laid-back. The rat race is tiring and you want to get away from the maddening crowd and the never-ending routine.

Gemini: Today, you will realise that close relationships need care and concern to grow. You will have new responsibilities and achieve huge profits in all your dealings. Pay special attention to your personal health.

Cancer: You will be quite sharp at work, and equally penetrating in the matters of the heart. You will work at a break-neck speed, only to be able to spend as much time as possible with your sweetheart.


Leo: Today is filled with glory as you may be getting that long due recognition for all the hard work. This goes hand-in-hand with the support of your colleagues and the good wishes of your seniors, especially if it is some new project that you are undertaking.

Virgo: Focus on devising strategies to achieve more productivity. See the bigger picture. This is not difficult considering you have a broad vision.

Libra: You love star looks strong. It is one of those moments when chance dictates every possibility of a new romantic love episode in your life. Also, you may want to spruce up and pay special attention to yourself.

Scorpio: Today may prove to be a really happening day. You are likely to get some valuable wisdom from bosses and elders. Seniors will extend their best possible cooperation to you. Stay clear of courtrooms.

Sagittarius: A paradigm shift in your temperament and looks is on the cards today. You’re a magnet today and will charm your way through a crowd of admirers.

Capricorn: It is a good financial day as money will flow in from various quarters today. Some expense is however, also seen. Keep a tab on your income and more on your expenses. Situation at work may get a little trying, but you will overcome all problems.

Aquarius: You are ambitious and unapologetic about the way you pursue your goals! You will work hard and push your way through if you have to. Not just that, you will see to it that you have all the skills and competency required to make it big.

Pisces: A good day for those looking for romantic connections. You will seek the company of your sweetheart to fight feelings of solitude and boredom today. Those who are single ought to strike gold.