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Horoscope for January 28: Aries Will Host Guest, Read What's in Store for Others

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Last Updated: January 28, 2021, 05:30 IST

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Here's what the stars have on store for you.

Aries: The news of the arrival of a guest will charge up your mood. You will spend the day decorating the house and making it comfortable for the person who will be arriving.

Taurus: Finding a romantic partner looks possible on January 28. If you are already in a relationship with someone, things are likely to take the next step now.

Gemini: On January 28, a new contract will boost your income. You will remain busy working for the coming month. The project will also satisfy your creative instincts.

Cancer: Instead of spending your day the regular way, you will be learning about some therapies like massage or acupuncture. This will make you feel emotionally and physically relaxed.

Leo: Looks like your life is about to transform. You are going to attain knowledge about spiritual subjects. You will purchase several books early in the day.

Virgo: A workshop related to metaphysical studies will capture your interest. However, you would not like to discuss your thoughts about the event with anyone.

Libra: One of your friends will discuss a career opportunity with you. If you want to work in the creative field, the chance will come straight to you.

Scorpio: There is a possibility that you will meet a romantic interest on January 28. Your friends will encourage you to take the relationship forward.

Sagittarius: You will be involved in cooking, painting, writing or any activity that can enhance your creativity. You will seek the approval of your friends and share your work with them.

Capricorn: The idea of marriage will receive your attention. However, it is best to be patient now. Ask the big question to your partner once you are sure.

Aquarius: Some troubling memories of the past have continued to disturb you. Looks like you will be reaching out for help and try to have a fresh start.

Pisces: It is likely that you will meet interesting people on January 28. You could feel attracted to one person for a romantic relationship.

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