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Horoscope Today, July 4, 2021: Romantic Weekend Ahead For Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Pisces

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Horoscope for July 4, 2021: Libra and Aquarius can focus on the business. Virgo and Aries need to take care of their health and the people around them

It will be an interesting weekend for all you people. While some have some good luck in store, others need to be a little careful. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Pisces will have good luck in terms of marriage and in matters related to love. Libra and Aquarius can focus on the business. Virgo and Aries need to take care of their health and the people around them.


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Aries need to take care of mother’s health


With Mars as your rashi lord, red will be your favourable colour. Letters A, L, E and number 1, 8 will bring all the positivity you need. There will be better business relations. Organisation of an auspicious program can be there at home. Today, you will have great interactions with your life partner. Your mother’s health can be a concern for you. Don’t reveal your plans to anyone. Money can be spent on luxury items.


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Taurus, prefer using mind than heart

As your rashi lord is Venus your lucky colour will be white. Your rashi letters will be Ba, Va, U and your favourable numbers are 2, 7. Contentment might be missing for the business class. Use your mind to make decisions, not your heart. Stay away from a lot of debate. Focus on your health. Differences might arise with contemporaries. You should not be upset with your life partner.


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Marriage is on the cards for Gemini

Mercury is your rashi lord and yellow is the lucky colour for you. Alphabets Ka, Chha, Gha and numbers 3, 6 are good for you. People who are unmarried may get hitched. Fun time with friends is on your way. You may get good news related to children. People will be happy with the way you behave. It is a good day for activities related to finances.


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Personal work will be done for Cancer

With moon as your rashi lord, milky will be your favourable colour. Letters Da, Ha and number 4 will be very positive for you. Your personal work will be completed. Household tasks will keep you very busy. Some decisions related to you will be taken by your family members. Achievement is on your way in the area of your ability.


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Better love relations for Leo

Sun is your rashi lord and golden is your favourable colour. Ma, Ta and 5 will be your lucky letters and numbers. Your love relations will improve. Young people may be ready to propose to someone. Your image will be a concern for you. Dependence on others in the workplace is not advised. Religious activities will attract you. A picnic may be in your way.


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Virgo need to avoid sharing secrets today

As mercury is your rashi lord, your favourable colour will be green. Your lucky letters will be Pa, Tha, Na and your lucky numbers will be 3, 8. Home will be a happy place today. Sharing secrets is not a good idea today. Do not travel if not required. The Internet will take up a lot of your time. You might not have complete focus on important things.


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Marital life will be good for Libra

With Venus as your rashi lord, white will be your lucky colour. Letters Ra, Ta and numbers 2, 7 will bring a lot of positivity in life. You might have monetary benefits if you purchase and sell property. People having cinemas and hotels may have better income. Your exhaustion due to a lot of work for a number of days will be over today. Businesses may get new contracts. There will be romance in marital life.


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Scorpio expenses should be taken care of

Mars is your rashi lord and red is your lucky colour. Your favourable letters will be Na, Ya and numbers will be 1, 8. A professional journey is on your way. Prioritisation of stuck work will lead to its completion. Today is a good day to work in partnership. Be careful with expenses. Hard work will pay. It’s a good day for those studying abroad.


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Sagittarius will be energetic

As Jupiter is your rashi lord, yellow colour will be favourable for you. Letters Bha, Dha, Pha, Dha and numbers 9, 12 will be lucky for you. A great opportunity is in your way with respect to your career. You will make more friends. Politics dominated people will increase. You will make the elders of the family happy. You will have more energy.


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Capricorn may get money back

Your rashi lord is Saturn and the favourable colour is cyan. Letters Kha, Ja and numbers 10, 11 will be positive for you. Something good will be taught to children by you. The workplace will give you tributes. Daily routine might change. Time with life partner can be rough. Old money might come back to you.


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Aquarius may get help from relatives

With Saturn as your rashi lord, cyan will be a good colour for you. Your rashi letters will be Ga, Sa, Sha, Sh and favourable numbers are 10, 11. Relatives will help you in business. You might get a good idea for your fieldwork. Removal of obstacles from work.


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Pisces need to avoid being overconfident

Your rashi lord is Jupiter and your lucky colour is yellow. Letters Da, Cha, Jha, Tha and numbers 9, 12 will bring a lot of positivity. A love relationship will get approval from the family. People will appreciate the humility in you. Money can be spent on amenities. There will be an increase in income and happiness. Overconfidence may lead to doing incorrect work.

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