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Horoscope Today: Patience is the Key for You on October 5

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Aries: A good day ahead. If you are in plans of firming an alliance, you could expect it to move forward towards better. Some catching up with old friend or relative is also on cards. No matter how you spend your day, you will end it with a good note.

Taurus: Money could also be on your mind largely. Refrain from splurging and getting into any arguments. A day of swinging moods can be handled with some caution and consciousness. That’s all you need to remember today, Taurus.

Gemini: An optimistic and progressive day lies ahead for you. You will spend some great time with family and friends. Warm feelings and enthusiasm should fill the air. Enjoy this day like a blessing.

Cancer: Emotions are at an all-time high. Keep reminding yourself not to let your shifty moods get the better of you. Some tricky and complicated situations might tempt you to behave impractical. Stay put for now, it’s just another day.

Leo: A chance or possibility to meet with a friend you have been waiting long to meet could get delayed. Other people or situations that need your attention could turn out to be challenging and test your patience.

Virgo: The planetary atmosphere could bring two souls or mutual friends together. Yu could also be rewarded for your greater efforts in the past. Stay calm and bask in the glory today.

Libra: The planetary energy might find you spending on your appearance or your beauty. You could also feel extra artsy today that could be anything from painting to singing. Be aware that these would be short lived inspirations out of sudden urge therefore remember not to ignore priorities.

Scorpio: Today could be yet another one of those mundane every days. If you have been single and waiting for some exciting changes to spice your life, be hopeful. Something favourable could be in store for you.

Sagittarius: You might want to catch up with some of your friends today who seem busy. Nonetheless, a day of fun activities awaits you as you will enjoy a get together with your near and dear ones.

Capricorn: Your hands could be full of assignments from your co-workers. This could cause a lot of strain but the best thing is to get done as quickly as you can. You could find some time to spare by the end of it to feel refreshed and catch up with someone close.

Aquarius: You could feel extra love and warmth inside of you today. Your sweetheart could make you forget all your worries with their charm and smile. Plan a romantic evening or even a candlelit dinner with your partner.

Pisces: An auspicious and harmonious day for you, Pisces. An intimate conversation or blissful encounter could bring all the smiles to you today. A very special person could visit or contact you today.

first published:October 05, 2020, 11:24 IST